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4 Master of Science Degrees in Social Media

A Master of Science in Social Media is an ideal program for students who want to develop skills in mass communications technologies. Individuals who earn this degree typically become proficient in designing and developing communication tools and services and applying them in a variety of settings, including business, political or private entities.

Anyone who is interested in this topic may ask, what is an MSc in Social Media? Academically, this program involves the study of digital communications, marketing, branding theories and methods, and media and mobile elements. Some universities may focus on the technological aspect, while others emphasize business or advertising approaches and campaign strategies.

Social media programs provide students with the solid foundation necessary to compete in national and international media-related professions. Practical skills and techniques commonly taught are transferable to meet the opportunities offered by the global marketplace.

The expenses involved in receiving a postgraduate social media degree vary widely. Programs are offered around the world, and the differing emphases may require varying numbers of hours and classes. When students identify the programs that suit their goals, they should contact the specific institution for details regarding costs.

The rapid change in technology and digital media necessitate innovative employment strategies. Some of the opportunities available upon graduation may not be developed yet. Social media education is based on principles that address current digital and online theories with a consideration for the future of the field. In technology, web designers, IT strategists and media editors are needed. For example, openings for those with a focus on business currently exist in banking, insurance, retail and technology fields.

Our extensive database provides resources for students who are ready to move to the next level in their educational career. Online programs offer a unique opportunity for those who would normally be restricted by geography or a need for a flexible program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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4 Results in Social Media

Linnaeus University

The programme focuses on the design and development of social media tools and services using the web and mobile technologies. ... [+]

The programme focuses on the design and development of social media tools and services using the web and mobile technologies.

This master programme provides a balanced combination of theoretical perspectives and applied knowledge. In particular, it offers in-depth understanding of online communities and the technical environments in which they interact. You will develop the skills required for creating innovative solutions and tools that use the web and mobile technologies for supporting these communities.

The programme consists of a number of general courses within the field of media technology, combined with specialized ones that explore the latest topics and state of the art knowledge within social media and web technologies. These courses cover areas such as web technologies, design, and interaction, social media, and IT business. The program is well suited for those of you who have a basic understanding of, and practical skill in working with basic web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (and perhaps also server-side techniques such as PHP, Python, ASP.NET or Ruby ), and are looking to elevate those skills to a more advanced level with special interest towards social media.... [-]

Sweden Växjö
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2 years
Online & Campus Combined
Glasgow Caledonian University, London (GCU London)

GCU London’s International Diplomacy Programmes are designed to address the growing global market needs in the areas of diplomacy, international business, international s ... [+]

Recent advances in the globalisation of communications technology - particularly the Internet, direct broadcast satellites and telecommunications have mutated the world in which traditional diplomacy was conceived and developed.

Social Media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have a tremendous impact. US President Donald Trump utilises Twitter on a daily basis to comment on national events in the US and international events in other parts of the world. Making the situation even more complex is the phenomena of "fake news” - where false reports are tweeted and retweeted globally to the extent that many find it difficult to distinguish what is factual from what is totally false.... [-]

United Kingdom London
January 2020
1 - 3 years
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

The MSc Social Computing program addresses the market demand, providing specific training for understanding, managing, developing, implementing and commercializing intera ... [+]


The internet revolution has generated a social interactive environment that creates new business opportunities for enterprises. Many international software development enterprises such as IBM, HP, Microsoft, Google and SAS have their own social computing/media development teams. Other IT enterprises, such as Apple, Oracle, CISCO and Nokia own products with social computing functions. Similarly, many national and international companies successfully turn significant profits through social network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, Google, Myspace, Amazon, Sina Weibo, TaoBao, RenRen and QQ.

The MSc Social Computing programme addresses market demand by providing you with training for understanding, managing, developing, implementing and commercialising interactive social media on the internet. It will train you for advanced technical or managerial roles in new interdisciplinary areas of social informatics and internet computing.... [-]

China Suzhou
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18 months
Southern New Hampshire University

The curriculum of the Master in Marketing includes a program of deep marketing studies, while providing a wide range of elective courses that facilitate and support the s ... [+]

Obtain a US degree from your country, with a 100% online program and totally in Spanish. No Visa Not TOEFL.Description

The curriculum of the Master in Marketing includes a program of deep marketing studies, while providing a wide range of elective courses that facilitate and support the success of students in their workplace. The basic marketing requirements provide a general marketing context, while the elective courses provide a more detailed study of specific areas within the marketing discipline. In addition, through the study of other disciplines, such as international business and information technologies, it is possible to research and apply the theory and perspective of marketing in specific areas of interest.... [-]

USA Manchester
January 2020
10 weeks