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An MSc, or Master of Science, is an academic distinction bestowed upon those who effectively complete a predetermined set of coursework in what is often a science-based discipline. The MSc often enhances career opportunities as well as earning potential.

Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the western most point of Eurasia, Europe is usually divided from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting the Black and Aegean Seas.

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VU University Amsterdam, Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration

Strategizing in a changing world: globalization, collaboration and transformation. ... [+]

In the 21st century, organizations aiming to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage need to achieve global efficiency and local responsiveness, while embracing creative solutions and worldwide learning. The Master’s specialization in Strategy & Organization focuses on these management challenges and is built around three topics: globalization, the connected world and ongoing transformation.As a Master’s student specializing in Strategy & Organization, you will explore the challenges associated with managing the international activities of multinational enterprises and entrepreneurial firms acting across borders. You will be confronted with questions such as: which decision-making processes drive offshoring and nearshoring of R&D, IT and business processes? How do you choose the best location for your production facilities or corporate headquarters? What are the best strategies when gearing up for growth and expansion?Once you have passed all the components of the Master’s program, you will be awarded the title of Master of Science in Business Administration with the mentioning of your specialization in the diploma supplement. This degree is recognized internationally. ... [-]

Netherlands Amsterdam
September 2019
1 year