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A Master of Science degree is a graduate degree that is more technical and research-based than a Master of Arts degree. It is often applied to disciplines that are heavy in math and science but can also be offered in the humanities.

What is a MSc in Organization? Learning how to structure an organization to gain the most ground is an invaluable lesson. The tools granted to you while earning a MSc in Organization can allow you to properly manage the team dynamics of any company in order to be as successful as possible. Understanding the psychology driving each component of the entity might give you insights into the best ways to direct that entity.

The benefits of obtaining a MSc can reach beyond your career and into your personal life. Learning how to best utilize your resources is a lesson that can be applied in every situation. You might also gain new understanding of business as well as stronger time management skills.

The cost of a graduate degree can change depending upon the school and region in question. Contacting your school of choice to discuss costs can help you plan for it properly.

Careers for those with a MSc in Organization can range from corporate to small business to freelance. A corporate career as a director of human resources might be appropriate, but you might also end up as the CEO of your own small business. You could choose to become a staff writer for a business magazine or a consultant for other companies. This MSc can help you to decide where and how you wish to work and may open the doors to allow you to do so.

You can earn a MSc in Organization in many places around world, either in a standard classroom format at a local university or online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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VU University Amsterdam, Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration

Strategizing in a changing world: globalization, collaboration and transformation. ... [+]

In the 21st century, organizations aiming to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage need to achieve global efficiency and local responsiveness, while embracing creative solutions and worldwide learning. The Master’s specialization in Strategy & Organization focuses on these management challenges and is built around three topics: globalization, the connected world and ongoing transformation.As a Master’s student specializing in Strategy & Organization, you will explore the challenges associated with managing the international activities of multinational enterprises and entrepreneurial firms acting across borders. You will be confronted with questions such as: which decision-making processes drive offshoring and nearshoring of R&D, IT and business processes? How do you choose the best location for your production facilities or corporate headquarters? What are the best strategies when gearing up for growth and expansion?Once you have passed all the components of the Master’s program, you will be awarded the title of Master of Science in Business Administration with the mentioning of your specialization in the diploma supplement. This degree is recognized internationally. ... [-]

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