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The Master of Science, or MSc, is an academic degree awarded to those who effectively complete about two years of intensive study on a given topic. Many MSc courses offer a combination of classroom and research-based curriculum.

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Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg FAU

Advanced Optical Technologies ... [+]

Contents of the degree programme

Foundations of the first year of studies

Mathematics in Optics Foundations of Optics Foundations of Lasers Optical Systems and Applications Scientific techniques

Advanced lectures in six topics

Optical Metrology Optical Material Processing Optics in Medicine Optics in Communication and IT Optical Materials and Systems

Computational Optics

Occupational fields Medicine, information and communication technology, metrology, materials processing, software development, optical components. Scientific research and teaching International Semester(s) abroad (only available in German) Partner universities of the Faculty of Engineering Qualification requirements ... [-]
Germany Nuremberg
October 2019
4 semesters