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A Master of Science is a type of master’s degree typically awarded for studies in more mathematically inclined and/or scientific subjects. This master’s degree is usually the next academic award pursued after a bachelor’s degree in that subject or one similar.

What is an MSc in Natural Science? A master’s degree in natural science typically allows the student to focus on one specific area of study within the broader field of the natural sciences. This can be approached from many different angles, including teaching natural science, researching in laboratories, or utilizing research for businesses. Most colleges and universities require their MSc graduate potentials to write a thesis, and they often must present and defend that thesis to graduate.

An MSc in Natural Science may grant students a crucial perspective on sustainability, a key element in business today, which can put more career opportunities at their fingertips. Analysis and critical-thinking skills often give students an edge over the competition in the field as well, making them desirable candidates for promotions and raises.

Completing a master’s in natural science takes anywhere from one to seven years, depending on the area of study and the trajectory of students’ career paths. It is important to look up information ahead of time on many different schools to find the one that can fit career goals and financial needs, as schools vary in price based on location and program.

Master of Science graduates in natural science often have many different career opportunities at their fingertips across the globe. Working as a scientific researcher or analyst both in the field and in laboratories for both government agencies and universities are an obvious choice. Many businesses need scientific advisors, such as an environmental consultant or a policy analyst to keep their products or services up to the required standards of today.

Natural science is typically offered with candidacy for master’s degrees in colleges and universities worldwide. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Master in Theoretical and Computational Methods

University of Helsinki
Campus Full-time 2 years August 2019 Finland Helsinki

The basis of natural sciences is the modelling of phenomena and solving these models. The Master’s Programme in Theoretical and Computational Methods will give you a strong basis in the theoretical methods, modelling, and mathematical and numerical analysis within physics, mathematics, chemistry and/or computer science. The special feature of this programme is that you can combine the above disciplines into a comprehensive programme. It is well suited for the needs of basic research and for many fields of application.