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A Master of Science, or MSc, is an advanced academic designation awarded to students who complete a set of coursework in what’s usually a science-based industry. Some students choose to pursue a master’s degree to open up more career opportunities, while others do so as a means of teaching at the collegiate level or eventually obtaining an even higher advanced degree.

Just what is an MSc in Media and Design? This rigorous program of study typically takes between two and three years to complete, and involves careful review and examination of numerous topics related to media, design, and the digital and graphic arts. Common areas of study often include brand building and development, design strategy, the arts, and a review of the multiple media platforms commonly used by today’s top businesses. Careful review of design theory concepts should also be expected, although there is some variation from one program to the next. 

Students who successfully graduate from media and design master’s degree programs are often able to make more money than those lacking degrees, or with lesser degrees. They also generally have more global career opportunities than those without, or with lesser, degrees, and are often able to teach at the collegiate level with a master’s degree, if desired.

Tuition costs for obtaining a Master of Science in Media and Design vary broadly from one school to the next based on factors like geographic location and the popularity of the degree program. Students should consult each school of interest for current tuition specifics.

Media and design program graduates are prepared for work across an array of arts-related fields and industries. Many graduates go on to work in education, media, technology, government, or research and development. Others go on to work in-house for marketing agencies, public relations organizations or businesses large and small. Others yet look to expand their career opportunities even further by following up their master’s degree with a doctoral designation.

Students interested in establishing profitable careers in media and design are advised to review the many global educational opportunities described in our database. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

Deepen your understanding of the importance of graphic communication and immerse yourself in the technologies that are changing the industry. ... [+]


All businesses and organizations rely on graphic communications to increase their effectiveness in communicating ideas, instructions, and concepts. A graduate with a media masters understands the value of information design and recognizes the many ways it can be used to positively impact the bottom line. In the media arts and technology program, you will learn to leverage emerging technologies to your advantage. With a management focus, technical expertise, and comprehensive knowledge of how to drive the graphics process from concept through completion, you will be an attractive prospect in a wide range of industries, including education, engineering, marketing, research science, human resources, public relations, and more.... [-]

USA Rochester
August 2020
1 year