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Mechanical Engineering

Msc stands for Master of Science. It is a postgraduate educational master's degree given by universities in a wide number of nations. The degree is typically studied for in the sciences and occasionally in the social sciences.

Mechanical engineering is a wide topic that includes the manufacturing of all things. The science needed to produce individual parts of machines and systems, and the knowledge necessary to make those parts work in concert, are included in mechanical engineering.

Higher level scholars in Finland easily access higher education courses at practically oriented polytechnics or universities. The Finnish culture is easy to learn since the government has set a ministry which is responsible for enhancing cultural, youth policies, sports and international cooperation.

Top Master of Science Programs in Mechanical Engineering in Finland 2018/2019

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Master's Programme in Mechatronic System Design

Lappeenranta University of Technology
Campus Full time 2 years August 2019 Finland Lappeenranta

In this programme you will get extensive knowledge in the fields of design, hydraulics, control, dynamics and the simulation of machines. You will also get familiarized with programming and the application of numerical methods, both required in different fields of mechanical engineering. [+]

Intense competition is putting pressure on machine builders to deliver machines with higher output, reduced operating cost, and increased safety. Increasing demands on the productivity of complex systems, such as manufacturing machines, requires the application of new methods in the product development process. Mechatronic system design is gaining popularity in the machine design process and it is a key approach in product process of productive life cycle efficient machines.

In the Master's programme Mechatronic System Design you will be familiarized with design and simulation of modern mechatronic machines, which are comprised of mechanical system, power transmission (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic or hybrid) and digital control system. You will learn about environmentally conscious design and development of new technologies to solve current and future global problems. Your study curriculum will also include functional principles of sustainable machines such as electric drives, and you will learn how to design them.... [-]

Master's Programme in Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering

Lappeenranta University of Technology
Online Campus Full time August 2019 Finland Lappeenranta + 1 more

During your studies, you will learn to see the possibilities and restrictions of sustainable production. You will develop skills, which enable to participate in demanding global development tasks of product and production design. You will be able to analyze challenging production tasks also by using simulation software. [+]

To develop more sustainable societies, we need to understand better how to respond to environmental, social and economic challenges and transform industrial behaviour. Modern engineering design can be implemented by hundreds of different manufacturing techniques, which are the last links of the value chain before the product is released to the customer.

The optimal order-delivery chain and profitable business can be guaranteed by choosing the appropriate manufacturing techniques together with professional usage of them. The manufacturing industry faces new challenges as customers' needs change due to increasing awareness of sustainable manufacturing methods and the development of new advanced materials.... [-]

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Aalto University
Campus Full time 2 years September 2019 Finland Espoo

The Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering empowers students to follow their interests in the field and become experts with versatile skillsets. [+]

The Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering empowers students to follow their interests in the field and become experts with versatile skillsets.

Today's society relies on mechanical engineering for effective and safe solutions everywhere. The field covers a wide range of activities and technology sectors, from energy and transportation to medical devices and environmental protection. There is no shortage of tasks, challenges, and opportunities where mechanical engineers create innovative solutions. Mechanical engineering applies to everything from the smallest components to the largest assemblies, resulting in a persistent demand for mechanical engineering expertise.

Study programme ... [-]