Compare 6 Master of Science Programs in Luxury Marketing

Obtaining a master’s degree offers graduates many different benefits. After graduating with their bachelor’s degree, going after their master’s degree is usually the next step students take if they wish to further their education.

What is an Msc in Luxury Marketing? While pursuing this degree, students will learn about the many unique challenges that they will face while trying to market luxury products and services. Students will learn about the nature of their target market, the important role brand image plays, how to establish strong relationships with clients, and how the distribution system works. They will likely take classes relating to retail strategy, innovation and design, market planning, general management, business development, and more.

The luxury marketing industry is highly competitive and can be difficult to break into. By obtaining a master’s degree, students will gain the skills that they need to excel within this chosen career field. They will also have the training they need to stand out among other applicants while applying for open positions.

The cost of earning an MSc in Luxury Marketing varies greatly by program and often depends on many different factors. These include where the institution is located, how long the program lasts, and what the specific institution charges for tuition and other fees.

With a master’s degree in luxury marketing, graduates may be able to work in production management, marketing and merchandising, or public relations. For example, with their marketing and merchandising knowledge, those who choose to work directly in luxury marketing may be able to work as a merchandiser looking after the visual displays of the specific brand that they represent. They may also be able to work as a manager or officer and represent their luxury brand or a famous designer.

Those who wish to take their education further and pursue a master’s degree in luxury marketing may be able to take classes on a full or part-time basis. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.


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Master in Marketing with Luxury Brands

University of Lincoln
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 2 years August 2019 United Kingdom Boston + 1 more

The MSc Marketing with Luxury Brands degree at Lincoln offers students an opportunity to specialize in luxury goods and brand management. This programme aims to develop a thorough knowledge of marketing theory and the planning, strategic-thinking and managerial skills necessary to secure a career in the luxury goods and experience sectors.

MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing

emlyon business school
Campus Full-time 18 months September 2019 China Shanghai France Paris + 2 more

Customer expectations and cultural norms are continually challenging core brand strategies of luxury companies. As a broad-based program, the MSc in Luxury Management & Marketing will help you identify connections across multiple segments of the luxury industry, allowing you to demonstrate that you possess the industry-specific understanding that future employers seek when hiring managers.

Specialized MSc in French Excellence, Luxury & Fashion

Montpellier Business School
Campus Full-time 10 months September 2019 France Montpellier

Our Msc allows graduates to better understand and master this unique savoir-faire, the so-called French Excellence, which attracts corporations around the globe looking for talented young managers. Our graduate will be equipped with a strong sense of innovation, a creative mindset coupled with hands-on knowledge of luxury products.

MSc in International Luxury Industries Marketing & Management

Toulouse Business School
Campus Full-time 15 - 18 months October 2019 France Paris

The luxury market is in transition and constantly evolving its marketing practices, which means that students must take a sectorial marketing approach when operating in this industry. The Master of Science in Luxury Industries Marketing and Management (L2M) will train competent executives who understand the challenges behind internationalization of a brand and digitalization both in the marketing approach and distribution. The L2M program will teach students how to design a marketing strategy highlighting the value offering for luxury goods or services as well as combine new consumer insights and approaches to optimize trendspotting in the luxury sector. Students will be asked to pitch distribution solutions that optimize e-commerce, following the new trends of tomorrow's consumers.

MSc in Luxury Brand Marketing

Glasgow Caledonian University, London (GCU London)
Campus Full-time Part-time 1 - 3 years January 2020 United Kingdom London + 1 more

A unique programme, designed to reflect the distinctive nature of the luxury brand sector. Our Masters in Luxury Brand Marketing provides you with the specialist skills, industry knowledge and expertise necessary for a successful career in a niche and innovative industry.

MSc Fashion & Luxury Marketing (London)

York St John University
Campus Full-time 1 year February 2020 United Kingdom London

Experience is everything. Luxury marketing is all about how brands make people feel. Designed to support your career progression as well as your personal and professional development, this course builds your skills specifically in fashion and luxury-based marketing.