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A Master of Science (MSc) is the degree that often follows a bachelor’s degree in the same or a similar major of study. This advanced degree allows students to enhance their knowledge of their chosen field and give themselves an edge in their career.

What is an MSc in Leisure Studies? An advanced degree in leisure studies may address the study of sports, tourism or recreation. While completing the requirements for this degree, students often study a wide variety of topics across several social science disciplines such as psychology and sociology as they pertain to embracing the benefits of leisure to the human experience. Coursework may focus on topics such as sustainability, culture, economics and marketing.

The leadership skills gained from earning a MSc in Leisure Studies can help candidates stand out among others in business-related fields. A better understanding of sustainability as well as a firm grasp on diversity and culture enrich students’ global career opportunities.

The cost of a master’s degree varies from college to college. This degree can take from one to two years to complete, and the length of the program as well as the elements involved, such as possible travel or internship, can have an effect on its overall cost.

Those who have completed a MSc in Leisure Studies can enjoy a wide variety of careers. They may become event planners for sports teams, recreation clubs or resorts. This degree also teaches the skills needed to be a successful public relations manager for a sport franchise. Students of leisure studies can apply to be directors of various nonprofit or community programs. Park rangers, fitness center managers and amusement park managers often have degrees in leisure studies.

An MSc in Leisure Studies can be the beginning of a successful career. Programs are offered throughout the world, both in person and online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Rennes School of Business

The Master of Science in Sports, Leisure and Tourism Management (MSc SLT) is an international high-level specialised study programme. This is a 16-months programme includ ... [+]

Master of Science in Sports, Leisure & Tourism Management

The Master of Science in Sports, Leisure and Tourism Management (MSc SLT) is an international high-level specialised study programme. It provides managers, administrators or decision-makers with the tools they need to be operational in the sports, leisure and tourism areas. A sound knowledge of international business is required to deal with the globalisation of all economic sectors and the speed at which changes are occurring.

Language of instruction: English


Application Project I &II Corporate Design Developing Team Leadership Events Management in SLT Global Organisational Behaviour International Sport Policies and Sport Organization Management International Strategic Management Legal Environment of SLT Leisure and Tourism Marketing Media Studies For Sports And Leisure Industry Merchandising in SLT Sector Sales And Purchase In Sport And Tourism Industry Sports, Leisure & Tourism Management and Sustainable Development CRM in SLT sector Preparation for Graduating Project French language for International Students ... [-]
France Rennes-en-Grenouilles
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16 months