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Information Technology

A Master of Science or MSc is a postgraduate degree typically in the fields of sciences and social sciences. MSc may be course-based, research-based, or a mixture of the two.

A student studying information technology may take a variety of technology courses and explore themes such as artificial intelligence, programming, hardware and software. They may learn how to determine the technological needs of organizations and to implement the proper solutions.

With university education being upper most level in the education system of the Belgium, the government has put more emphasis to make sure that the students’ lives is made as simple as possible through the loan and grants programs. They offer sponsors for international students with poor and vulnerable backgrounds who would like to study in this country.

Top MSc Degrees in Information Technology in Belgium 2018/2019

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Master of science and engineering in it

SUPINFO International University
Campus Full time September 2019 Belgium Brussels

The Institute of Information Technology in general wants his material to meet the needs of all companies and ensure expanded opportunities for employment. Thus, all options of today's IT and digital are naturally integrated into the curriculum SUPINFO: [+]


SUPINFO is a Private Higher Educational Institution founded in 1965, recognized by the French state and the world leaders in the IT industry.

With its 36 Campus in France and in the world, SUPINFO's main vocation is to train high-level engineers, specialists Technologies of Information and Communication (ICT) and directly in operational business on leaving the School . It therefore delivers an "International Master of Science" as an expert in computer and information systems certified by the French State and France recorded in the National Register of Professional Certification at the highest level, the level I (Bac + 5, Master, Engineer).

SUPINFO delivers:... [-]

MSc in Systems and Software Security

Letterkenny Institute of Technology
Campus Full time 2 years September 2019 Belgium Brussels

The MSc is a three-semester taught programme in computing which focuses on topics applicable to Systems and Software Security. [+]

Is this Course for You?

The MSc is a three-semester taught programme in computing which focuses on topics applicable to Systems and Software Security. These are followed by a dissertation which will offer the student the opportunity to apply a range of topics covered in the taught part of the programme to demonstrate an extended knowledge and ability in that area. The dissertation will normally be completed over one to two additional semesters.

From an industry point of view, this programme was developed in partnership with the IT industry in the north-west and with Pramerica in particular. The objective of developing the course is to ensure a supply of highly-skilled and experienced graduates for key employers locally and throughout Ireland. The existence of the course and the placement reflects the commitment of employers to this field of expertise. Graduates from this course can expect to find attractive employment opportunities locally and nationally.... [-]