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One way for a student to raise his or her chances of securing a higher-paying job is by earning an advanced degree like a Master of Science. These degrees can take two years to complete, and they may prepare students for further doctoral work.

What is an MSc in Human Sexuality? The study of human sexuality is a complex and comprehensive educational undertaking relating to research, policy, education and issues of sexuality. This type of advanced degree program offers a more intensive study on the theories and history of sexuality in a social and biological context. Many programs work with relevant data and research to investigate current policy concerns and methodologies to help students generate new solutions and ideas.

A Master’s in Human Sexuality can help students develop and strengthen language and writing skills. With a degree largely centered on research, many scholars in this field become detail-oriented and analytical to understand data and put solutions into place.

The location and type of university, the length of the degree program and more can all influence the cost of earning a master’s degree. Students are encouraged to research different schools for tuition information before making an enrollment decision.

The career possibilities in the field of human sexuality are often numerous and diverse, especially for those with an advanced degree. Many students work in industries related to healthcare in positions like reproductive health specialist or public health worker. These positions are imperative to promoting sex education and care concerning issues of reproductive and sexual health. Another career possibility includes working as a sex therapist to help individuals struggling with relationships and sexual identity.

Colleges and universities with advanced degree programs in human sexuality are available internationally. Students can earn a master’s degree in nearly any part of the world or study online from home. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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University of Amsterdam

In the Gender, Sexuality and Society Master’s programme, you will examine differences in groups of men, groups of women, and differences between these groups. This will b ... [+]

In the Gender, Sexuality and Society Master’s programme, you will examine differences in groups of men, groups of women, and differences between these groups. This will be placed in a broader perspective of social identities, political power and processes of exclusion and inclusion.

It is generally accepted that differences between rich and poor, young and old, between skin colours, or between Christians and Muslims are undeniable factors in people’s lives. Functioning as a woman or a man, with particular sexual orientations, holds comparable significance. Gender, Sexuality and Society is devoted to enhancing our understanding of the differences among groups of women and groups of men, as well as between women and men. In an era of globalisation and transnational migration, we see that new sexual acts and practices emerge within the fragmenting cultural landscapes of gender, sex, class and nationality. ... [-]

Netherlands Amsterdam
September 2019
12 months