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Geoscience programs usually examine topics such as the history and evolution of the planet Earth, structures of mineral deposits and worldwide dispersal of pollutants. Students​ who complete a course in the subject may go on to independent research in the sciences or a career in a laboratory.

AL Ain is a city located in the United Arab Emirates where it is ranked as the fourth largest. It is renowned for its green landscape which has earned it the name “Garden City.” It hosts the main federal university alongside a handful of other institutes.

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United Arab Emirates
Al Ain
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United Arab Emirates University College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Master of Science Program at UAE University is the first of its kind in the region. It is designed to provide you wi ... [+]

MScs in Geoscience in AL Ain in United Arab Emirates. Remote Sensing and GIS

The importance of the spatial dimension in examining issues such as regional development, land use planning and environmental monitoring is widely recognized. In work of this kind, it is necessary to interrelate information derived from various sources such as census, maps, surveys, aerial photographs and satellite imagery, each of which may utilize a variety of methods for spatial referencing. The field of remote sensing deals with the science and technologies used to acquire aerial and satellite imagery, convert them into geographically located digital images and extract from them useful information about the surface including vegetation cover, the extent of urban areas and water bodies.... [-]

United Arab Emirates Al Ain
August 2019
1 - 2 years