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Master of Science (MSc): These programs are postgraduate studies for people who have recently finished their undergraduate studies and want to improve their knowledge on a profound and more scientific level.

Geographic sciences is a discipline that deals with the study of planet Earth and its many features. Students who study this field can learn about the planet and how humans live on it, in addition to the technology used for analyzing data.

Estonia is a democratic parliamentary republic divided into fifteen counties, with its capital and largest city being Tallinn. Estonia has 12 public and 8 private universities. The oldest university in the country is the University of Tartu, established in 1632.

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University of Tartu

The programme prepares specialists on handling and analysing spatial data and developing decision support systems. ... [+]

Modern life more and more relies on BIG DATA and digitized work processes – geoinformatics helps to manage and analyse contemporary spatial data and make decisions on development and policy. The 2-year master’s programme in Geoinformatics for Urbanised Society prepares highly qualified specialists on handling and analysing spatial data and developing decision support systems for the public, private, and non-governmental sector.

A special emphasis of the programme is put on the development of practical skills of students.

Combines geography and IT in the age of BIG data. Gives tools to analyse social and natural processes in space for interdisciplinary decision- and policy-making. Teaches the full cycle of spatial data management starting from fieldwork and data acquisition towards visualising planning solutions. ... [-]
Estonia Tartu
September 2019
2 years