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Criminal procedure is related to constitutional law. It typically examines the rules of governing procedures used to investigate, prosecute and judge crimes by law enforcement and authorities. Courses may focus on the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

Dundee, one of the larger cities in Scotland, has a student population of approximately 17 thousand. There are three universities and a college, and they are known for research in biomedical fields, oncology and computer games.

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United Kingdom
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School of Dentistry - University of Dundee

This 1-year programme will enable you to acquire knowledge, understanding, and skills in forensic dentistry and research. ... [+]

Study topics which are frequently the subject of expert testimony in court, and have most relevance internationally.


Forensic dentists are required in all countries to provide dental expertise to courts and legal systems. Dentists wishing to work in this field often find it difficult to gain the necessary skills.

This 1-year course addresses those aspects of forensic dentistry which are most frequently the subject of expert testimony in courts and have the most relevance to forensic dentistry internationally.

You will have the opportunity to work in a mortuary, assisting with dental identifications. You will also attend real autopsies with pathologists, which will make you aware of the complexity involved in the examination of a person's body after death.... [-]

United Kingdom Dundee
September 2019
12 months