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Computer Science

The Master of Science provides an opportunity for graduates to obtain advanced research skills and knowledge in a professional learning environment. A Master of Science (MS) degree can provide you with the foundation of knowledge and key competencies you'll need throughout your career

There are several fields that make up the broader field of computer science. One of these fields is the computational complexity theory, which can be very abstract. Other fields, such as computer graphics, deal more with concrete and hands-on visuals.  


A landlocked country found in the Central Europe region with Hungarian as their official language. The country’s mathematics and science approach are outstanding. It homes the world’s first technology institute. It is here that the first steam engine in Europe was built back in 1722.

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Computer Science (MSc)

University of Szeged
Campus 4 semesters September 2019 Hungary Szeged

The aim of the program is to train computer scientists who can develop, create, apply, implement and operate IT systems at an advanced level either individually or as a team member. [+]

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The aim of the program is to train computer scientists who can develop, create, apply, implement and operate IT systems at an advanced level either individually or as a team member. Furthermore, our program provides the cooperative and modeling skills required to solve and research IT related problems and ensures the solid theoretical background necessary to pursue Ph.D. studies.

The basic theoretical fields are Foundations of Computing, Graph theory, and Analysis. These fields are foundational for further, more practice-oriented studies, including Software technology (Advanced programming, Program systems development, Software development, Web technologies, Parallel programming), Image processing, and Artificial Intelligence (Machine learning, Data mining). Research areas cover Foundations of Computing, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Image processing, Optimisation, and Software engineering. Our graduates pursue careers in Information Technology.... [-]

MSc in Computer Science

Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)
Campus Full time 2 years September 2019 Hungary Budapest

The Computer Science MSc provides theoretical and practical education to students and develops their interpersonal and professional skills. Our graduates can develop their own ideas and start their own company. [+]

The objective is to train Software Designers with a professional knowledge based on a solid theoretical background knowledge. They have the skills to take part in program development, in developing information systems and system management in various areas. The Software Designer often acts as a mediator between the customers of information systems and the producers. In this way, the job of a Software Designer synthesizes the constructive activity of engineers with the general problem-solving attitude of mathematicians while participating in teams of large-scale projects.

The program provides students with a broad education in Computer Science in combination with specialized work in computer and information processing techniques, programming languages, data structures, information retrieval, operating systems, compiler design etc. Students learn the theory as well as the methodologies and techniques in the development and implementation of computer systems. The more practical programming courses are aided by several courses in pure and applied mathematics and theoretical computer science courses throughout the curriculum.... [-]