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MSc Programs in Child Psychology 2022 in Chihuahua in Mexico

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Centre for Specialization in Development and Education (Centro de Especialidades en Desarrollo y Educación)
Chihuahua, Mexico

The affective and relational life in the human being becomes a cornerstone for success in any area in which they develop professionally or socially. The family environment in ... +

The affective and relational life in the human being becomes a cornerstone for success in any area in which they develop professionally or socially. The family environment in which children develop from the moment of their conception will leave a mark on the process of becoming a person, since all the stimuli that are received or not received, will determine the type of being human who will become. The great pressures we face in today's world lead us to forget that life is a formidable experience from which we do not always know how to extract all its richness. One of the essential characteristics of the human being is its projective aspect, that is, the ability to carry out projects. And, not only that but essentially, the ability to make a project of your own life. It is not easy to organize our life. On the one hand, the dead weight of routine and comfort leads to ritual and almost mechanical repetitions and, on the other, a certain apathy and conformism induces us to passivity and diverts us from such healthy perspectives as using our imagination and developing our ideas. creative abilities. Through play, children test the world and learn about it. Therefore, play is essential for healthy development. For children, play is a serious matter and has a specific purpose through which they develop mentally, physically, and socially. Play is the child's form of self-therapy, through which confusions, anxieties, and conflicts are often brought to the fore. Through the safety of play, children can test their new ways of being. The play represents a vital function for the child. It is much more than the frivolous, carefree, and enjoyable activity that adults generally consider. Play (also) serves as a symbolic language. Children experience much of what they cannot yet express in language and therefore use play to formulate and assimilate what they experience. The game well used serves specialists as an indispensable tool that allows to better know the child, it is a fundamental element of the teaching-learning process and above all, it represents evolution, adaptation, and self-affirmation of the child. Play can reduce frightening and traumatic events, relieving anxiety and tension. The game is usually a tool to learn to evaluate social interaction, to learn to address different emotional responses and personal feelings. Well-planned play tends to increase the child's willingness to get involved, and in turn, be more prepared for new endeavors. The child communicates playing, therefore, it is necessary to speak in their language Through play, the child moves away from the real world and can understand that world other than his own: the world of the "adult", which in turn will shape his own personality. Hence the fundamental importance of children's play, a child who has played in an appropriate way will be an adult who integrates constructively and creatively to their reality. Through play, the child approves himself physically and mentally, and this allows him to gain autonomy and affirm himself. Play is essential for human beings regardless of their age, since the changes and processes that the child makes possible continue to be valid norms for the young and the adult, even for the elderly. -
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