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Business Studies

The Master of Science, or MSc, is an academic degree awarded to those who effectively complete about two years of intensive study on a given topic. Many MSc courses offer a combination of classroom and research-based curriculum.

Business studies provide foundational learning for students who want to work in some capacity of business. Available at universities and business schools all over the world, students will learn business basics such as finance and management. 

There are several private universities that can be found throughout Guatemala. Despite this, it still has some of the lowest literacy levels in all of Central America. Those looking to study in this country may have to pay higher tuition due to the privatized school systems.

Top Master of Science Programs in Business Studies in Guatemala 2019

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Master of science in business innovation

ADEN campus Guatemala
Online & Campus Combined February 2019 Guatemala Guatemala City




Transmit and motivate the concept of innovation as a real attitude and as a valid way of approaching reality. Addressing innovation project, considering the variables that are born with identifying opportunities and customer needs. Leading innovation processes within an organization, company or institution, policies and designing and evaluating innovative solutions to finally be able to implement them in their own work environments. Mobilizing wills and resources to innovate in products and services, processes, organizational systems and access and market development. Diagnose the state of innovation in each company to design, implement and develop a corporate culture of innovation, impacting all areas of the company generating products, services, processes and / or innovative experiences. ... [-]

Master of science in strategic management

ADEN campus Guatemala
Online & Campus Combined Full time February 2019 Guatemala Guatemala City

The Master of Science in Strategic Management program is designed for semi-completed flexible hours. [+]


An organization focusing on the most appropriate strategy and assess its effectiveness. Designing a business model aligned with the strategy. • Identify the characteristics of the scope of the decision at the strategic level, in order to lead in ambiguity. Align processes and resources to achieve corporate objectives. Integrated management control of a business based on its strategy. Develop a business plan and skills to interest potential investors. Diagnose the economic and financial situation of a company. Identify critical factors to improve financial performance. Manage resources with optimal efficiency criteria. Entrepreneur financing plan. Adopt a proactive attitude towards ambiguity and uncertainty. ... [-]

Master of science in strategic sales

ADEN campus Guatemala
Online & Campus Combined Full time February 2019 Guatemala Guatemala City




Understanding the commercial phenomenon, from the understanding and development of the strategy, management experience. Define and develop tools for business management. Implement a business plan with strong emphasis on professional sales management. Commercial management control, giving participants the opportunity to evaluate its management. Demystifying the use of internet as a platform for new business development. Identify necessary and effective tools for human resource that makes commercial teams achieve its professionalization, facing increasingly demanding markets.

recipients... [-]