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The MSc, or Master of Science, is an internationally recognized academic degree that indicates proficiency and knowledge of a given topic or field. Most MSc programs take about four years to finish, after which some join the workforce while others continue on in the classroom. 

Students of business, in particular of marketing, may choose to further specialize in branding. This is the study of how to create and sustain effective brands, either of products or services, using elements of creative design, advertising and strategy development.

Italy, officially the Italian Republic, is a unitary parliamentary republic within the European Union, located in Southern Europe. To the north, it borders France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia along the Alps.

For those who are interested in studying in a capital city with a rich heritage, Rome is the right place. It has distinctive universities such as the University of Rome that provides degree programs in a variety of disciplines like history and Engineering. This city is peaceful and ideal to live.

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European School of Economics

The Master in Marketing prepares candidates for a wide variety of careers in marketing management, such as brand management, product development, retailing, services mark ... [+]

The Master in Marketing prepares candidates for a wide variety of careers in marketing management, such as brand management, product development, retailing, services marketing, business to business marketing and marketing for non-profit organisations.

As part of the Marketing specialisation, Master students explore:

Innovative practices in both the manufacturing and service sectors and how firms can gain competitive advantage, market share and reduce cost E-commerce, E-business, and the optimisation of technological structures as a strategic marketing tool Marketing strategies of international organisations and approaches to new international market opportunities Customer-driven marketing strategies in emerging economies The connectivity between marketing communication and strategy, and criteria for using different promotional techniques and media in integrated marketing campaigns Crossing national borders in the business world, and the operational, legal and logistical problems that commonly occur Key Components of the Master Programme A choice of three specializations: Marketing, Management or Finance Full-time, compulsory attendance The possibility of transferring among campuses in London, Milan, Florence and Rome on a per term basis Three intakes per academic year January, April and September ESE’s competitive Internship Programme providing international work experience in the sector of specialization Compact class sizes which help faculty cultivate a mentor relationship with students and provide the individual attention needed to discover their special skills and succeed in their chosen pathway Graduates from the MSc Possess A solid understanding of the global business environment, trading systems, and geo and socio­political influence on investments, trade, and the economic landscape Strong analytical skills and the capability... [-]
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