Masters of Science in Biological Anthropology

An MSc degree is a common academic achievement that can be pursued after one has been awarded a bachelor’s degree in the same or similar subject. Science, medicine, and engineering are the three most common fields that students choose when pursuing a Master of Science.

What is an MSc in Biological Anthropology? A Master of Science in Biological Anthropology typically provides more in-depth and specialized study of biology and behavioral development regarding humans and both their extinct predecessors and current, closest non-human relatives. This advanced field of study is usually the most common continuing education to follow a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and a common choice for aspiring archeologists. Typically, a dissertation, to be presented and defended after all other courses and projects are completed, is required to complete a Master’s in Biological Anthropology.

Graduates of an MSc in Biological Anthropology are often required to study a broad range of subjects, which helps them to develop research, critical thinking, and analytical skills. With these, graduates tend to have the mental tools required for extensive analytic and basic medical research, generally making them desirable for promotions and higher wages.

Usually taking about a year or two to complete depending on the college or university, a Master’s in Biological Anthropology is an extensive area of study. Different schools vary in financial commitment requirements as well, so students should research ahead of time to ensure they find the right university.

Career opportunities for Master of Science graduates in biological anthropology often include positions as archeologists and consultants for universities, government agencies, and other educational organizations. Historical and scientific-education museums and universities also offer a variety of education-based careers, such as museum curators or professors. Often, many of these career opportunities overlap, providing exciting job prospects.

Colleges and universities often offer courses online and on campus. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MSc in Biological Anthropology

University of Kent, School of Anthropology & Conservation

This programme places a strong emphasis on critical thinking and understanding of both the broad field of Biological Anthropology and the specialisms within. Core to the progr ...

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