Master of Science Programs in Biocultural Anthropology

The MSc, or Master of Science, is a master’s degree often granted to outstanding students in the fields of science, medicine, and engineering. Much like the Master of Arts degree, this path is usually pursued if students choose to continue their academic studies for a specialized area related to their bachelor’s degree.

What is an MSc in Biocultural Anthropology? A Master’s in Biocultural Anthropology usually concentrates on the relationship between different cultures and biology and how each have shaped each other. This field of study tends to take more of a biomedical approach to research both past and present trends in human adaptations. Graduating with a Master of Science in Biocultural Anthropology typically requires an extensive amount of fieldwork, such as involvement in a larger project, and an individualized dissertation.

Biocultural anthropology education can arm students with an ability to apply the scientific process and understand human history, which can help them apply research and work well with clientele. Students often develop analytic skills, often making them highly desirable hires and competitive for upward movement within their chosen careers.

Depending on the university and area of focus for the dissertation or larger project, an MSc in Biocultural Anthropology can take about one to two years to complete, and prices vary from school to school. Students planning to pursue this subject should research different universities to find the program that works best for them.

There are typically many different potential career paths for the Master of Science in Biocultural Anthropology. Since the subject attempts to predict future changes for the benefit of societal development, many government agencies, hospitals, and disaster-relief organizations hire graduates in this field as consultants and advisors. Other career opportunities include in-the-field researchers for both private companies and public organizations. College professors and other educational occupations are in graduates’ grasp as well.

There are usually colleges and universities offering a master’s degree in biocultural anthropology across the globe. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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MSc in Ethnobotany

University of Kent, School of Anthropology & Conservation

Ethnobotany is quintessentially interdisciplinary, involving knowledge and use of plants and their ecology in the context of their cultural, social and economic significance.

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