MSc Programs in Aviation 2020 in Linköping in Sweden

The MSc, or Master of Science, is an internationally recognized academic degree that indicates proficiency and knowledge of a given topic or field. Most MSc programs take about four years to finish, after which some join the workforce while others continue on in the classroom. 

Businesses in airline manufacturing and flight control, among others, may hire students who have studied aviation. This field deals with the practical aspects of air travel, such as design, use and environmental impact. It also includes study in engineering and physics.

Linköping city is located in the Linköping municipality in Ostergotland County, Spain. It is an industririous town majoring in high-technology. Linköping is known for its university – the Linköping University that majors in high technology and software research.

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MSc in Aeronautical Engineering

Linköping University
4 semesters

This program offers a holistic view of aircraft design. An aircraft is a complex, integrated, closely connected system of various technologies and disciplines such as aerodyna ...

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