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Not every problem can be resolved with just basic skills. Some solutions require the expert knowledge and specialized proficiencies gained through additional study. Those who have completed a master’s degree are ready to overcome unique challenges and move forward in their careers.

What is an MSc in American Studies? It is an advanced degree suitable for those who have already completed an undergraduate degree in history, political science, journalism or liberal arts. American Studies master’s degree programs provide an interdisciplinary look at American society. They explore the history, politics and geography that have shaped communities within the United States. Topics of study often include art, literature, music and philosophy. Students come to understand how the unique system of American government has encouraged and maintained its celebrated cultural diversity.

During the course of study, students improve their critical thinking, reading and expository writing skills. They also learn how to conduct detailed research projects and present their findings. This helps to develop their communication and public speaking abilities. Due to the variety of information sources and topical assignments, they are encouraged to incorporate ideas and theories from numerous disciplines and create comprehensive conclusions.

Costs for these programs will vary depending on the institution attended. Those interested are encouraged to contact the admissions departments of universities under consideration for specific information regarding fees and tuition.

After completing a master’s program in American Studies, graduates are prepared for a wide range of career paths. Many go on to study at law schools and enjoy rewarding careers in the legal field. Some find employment with social services agencies. Other become educators. It is possible to combine an MSc in American Studies with a communications, political science or journalism degree. These graduates find work in their chosen field as experts specializing in issues related to American society.

It is important to begin researching options as soon as possible. While many prefer the traditional campus classroom environment, online education resources offer excellent learning opportunities for busy working professionals and international students. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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The University of Edinburgh - The School of History, Classics & Archaeology

The taught MSc in American History offers you the chance to study American History in the hemispheric sense, taking ‘America’ to mean the whole hemisphere of the Americas ... [+]

The taught MSc in American History offers you the chance to study American History in the hemispheric sense, taking ‘America’ to mean the whole hemisphere of the Americas. You will study at an advanced level through taught courses and independent research.

You will have the opportunity to take a comparative or transnational approach to the history of the Americas, as well as to study some countries and regions in more depth. The programme provides advanced knowledge and understanding of selected topics in American history and will enhance your skills in independent research, critical analysis, and both oral and written presentation.

Breadth of expertise

The University has an exceptional range of historians of the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean, which allows us to provide courses and research supervision in a wide array of topics and time periods, ranging from the American Revolution to comparative slavery, from the Latin American dictatorships to the Cold War foreign policy of the United States.... [-]

United Kingdom Edinburgh
September 2019
1 year