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A Master of Science degree, known as an MSc, is a degree awarded to students who have completed advanced education in their chosen field. Like other master’s programs, MSc degrees typically take one or two years to earn, require the writing of a thesis, and demonstrate the scholar’s specialized knowledge.

What is an MSc in Acoustical Engineering? Through study of the various aspects of audio production, control, and analysis, master’s students of acoustical engineering develop an in-depth knowledge of sound. Coursework typically combines theoretical study of general physics and engineering principles with technical projects that specifically apply these concepts to sound and vibration. Program participants may also learn how sound behaves in specific situations relevant to engineering, such as in buildings or underwater.

Scholars of acoustical engineering gain problem-solving skills that can be helpful in many aspects of life. Additionally, they learn to use theoretical knowledge to innovate practical solutions and develop valuable expertise that qualifies them for specialized careers.

The final cost of getting an MSc in Acoustical Engineering can vary depending on the program and country. It’s best to contact schools of interest directly to learn more about pricing.

A degree in acoustical engineering often opens career possibilities in a wide variety of fields. Many acoustical engineers work in architecture and construction, performing tasks such as dampening vibrations from vehicles, conducting acoustic analysis on buildings to ensure they meet regulations, or designing concert halls to provide the best sound. Other acoustic professionals may work to optimize sound in recording studios, design recording and mixing equipment, or provide expertise on ultrasound techniques for medical purposes.

Acoustical engineering programs can be found at engineering schools and universities around the world. Remote learning programs may also be available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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