MSc in e-Business and Digital Marketing


Program Description

Entrepreneurial skills, when combined with deep technical knowledge, can lead to producing innovative ideas in the global competitive e-Business environment. This new postgraduate course aims at providing balanced and well-designed training in both the principles of software and telecommunications applied to e-Business practices, as well as the essential managerial, marketing and financing skills needed to start-up and successfully run an e-Business. The 14-month course will appeal to graduates pursuing a career in a range of entrepreneurial, managerial and marketing positions in the ICT or other similar IT-oriented domain in the emergent creative economy. The syllabus provides a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, focusing on e-Business/e-Commerce applications and the underlying technologies:

  • Project management, leadership and team working,
  • Management and marketing,
  • Entrepreneurial skills and knowledge needed to develop start-up businesses,
  • Key skills in strategic decisions, regarding innovation and technology management,
  • Essential communication skills,
  • Exercise practice-oriented teaching based on case studies and real-world examples,
  • Skills related to data analysis and evaluation,
  • Planning and time management.

The MSc in e-Business and Digital Marketing programme promotes learning and teaching characterised by a diversity of resources and teaching styles and techniques, which recognise that the University operates in an ever-changing environment. Teaching and learning methods should assist the development of these skills, by encouraging not merely the capacity for abstract reasoning, but also the students' capacities for independent and self-motivated learning, problem-solving skills, and some of the knowledge and skills, which are common to employment in many fields.

This programme is designed for University graduates of Telecommunications, Informatics/Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering but also of Natural Sciences and Economic and Business Departments, with a strong background in ICT and a strong motivation to pursue a career in Communications and Cyber Security related domains.

The Structure

The MSc in e-Business and Digital Marketing (full-time) is a 14-month programme taught over three terms. Lectures mainly take place on weekday evenings. It is also available in part-time mode over 26 months for those who cannot commit to a full-time programme either for work or other reasons.

Upon arrival at the IHU, all students attend foundation courses in Java and SQL, that aims to bring all incoming students to the same level with respect to some of the programming knowledge that is required. During the first term, all students are required to follow five (5) mandatory core courses. During the second term, all students follow a further three (3) required courses combined with two (2) elective courses. Finally, during the third term, work is dedicated exclusively to the Master's dissertation.

Application Deadlines

The IHU operates on a rolling admissions basis, in two (2) rounds of applications.

  • Application Round 1 cut-off date: 15 June 2015
  • Application Round 2 cut-off date: 16 October 2015

This means that candidates apply for and are admitted to our programmes all year round, until the end of the 1st round (June 15th). Round 2 applications will be considered according to the availability of places in the programme after Round 1.

We suggest, however, that you apply as early as possible to ensure a quick response and place availability.

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The International Hellenic University (IHU) was established by Law No. 3391 in October 2005 and is based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The IHU is Greece’s first state university, where programmes are taugh ... Read More

The International Hellenic University (IHU) was established by Law No. 3391 in October 2005 and is based in Thessaloniki, Greece. The IHU is Greece’s first state university, where programmes are taught exclusively in English. Read less