MSc in Virtual Ergonomics and Design


Program Description

Do you think ergonomics and usage are important aspects when new products get their designs? Are you curious about how virtual tools can be used in the product realization process? Industrial ergonomics and design are aimed at future products and product developers.

Ergonomics and user aspects are today an important part of the product realization process. The master programme Virtual Ergonomics and Design gives you tools to use digital technology to evaluate ergonomics but also customize technology and information based on the user´s cognitive abilities and limitations.

The master’s programmes in Virtual Ergonomics and Design start in the autumn semester. The 120-credit master’s programme is offered in two academic years (four semesters) and the 60-credit programme is offered in one academic year (two semesters).

The Focus of Your Studies

The programme provides overall knowledge in the field of Virtual product realization, but also specific knowledge of how to integrate ergonomics and user aspects into the product realization process.

The first part of the education introduces the subject Industrial Ergonomics, including current research questions, and presents and discusses a number of industrial paradigms. This first part also deals with how computer-based tools like CAD and CAE are used and act as decision support systems in the product realization process.

The second term offers in-depth knowledge of ergonomics simulation and cognitive ergonomics and also provides the opportunity to apply the acquired knowledge and skills to relevant problems in industry or research. The latter part of the programme contains in-depth courses that study how people live and work with technology, and how tools and methods can be used to take into account the diversity that exists within different user groups.

At the same time, the student's leadership and evaluation skills are developed through courses in technical leadership, research methodology, and communication as well as sustainable development and innovation.

With the final degree project that runs throughout the last semester, and is done in collaboration with our research partners, you have the opportunity to showcase your advanced abilities and skills.

Upon Completion of Your Studies

A central part of the program is about using digital tools for evaluating ergonomics in the design process, something that the industry is looking for and the labour market looks very bright for engineers with skills in ergonomics and design. Several studies show that companies today have difficulty recruiting competent employees in the area.

After graduating, you are also eligible to start postgraduate studies in Information Technology.

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Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the program a Bachelor’s Degree (equivalent to a Swedish Bachelor’s Degree) within the fields of integrated product development, production engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology or similar.

A further requirement is proof of skills in English equivalent of studies at upper secondary level in Sweden known as English course 6 / English course B. This is normally demonstrated by means of an internationally recognized test, e g IELTS or TOEFL or the equivalent.

The above admission requirements apply for admission to the program. For further studies within the program, the admission requirements for each course must be complied with. These admission requirements are specified in each separate course syllabus.

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