MSc in Software Development


Program Description

MSc in Software Development

Software Development gives you access to cutting-edge knowledge in software design, programming languages, databases, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, algorithms, software development processes, requirements, organization, and management.

The program gives you the opportunity to work with all phases of the development process – analysis, design, development, test, and launch, and you will learn how to design and program software systems of all scales, from mobile applications to web-based business solutions.

The program has an international perspective and is therefore taught in English

The program
The study program is open both to students with an undergraduate degree in computer science or software development and to graduates from other study areas. Whether you hold a bachelor in computer science, or in business and marketing, we help you to grow research level expertise in software science.

You can choose between two different admission areas depending on whether or not you have an IT-related background.

  • Design track.
  • Advanced Computing track.

Design Track
The Design track is aimed at ambitious students who do not have an IT-related educational background. You enter the Design track to supplement your excellent existing experience from your bachelor’s degree with software development skills in order to create a unique interdisciplinary mix.

This is a technical program, so you will learn to apply mathematical modeling and logical reasoning in your studies.

This track prepares you to work on application specific software development for end users in public sector and in private enterprises. Your broad experience in software and in your bachelor field of study will make you very well positioned to work with non-technical project members as well as with more specialized programmers.

Advanced Computing Track
The Advanced Computing track is aimed at students who hold a bachelor degree in software development or in a related area e.g. computer science or computer engineering. Combined with previous experience in programming and software development, you have the opportunity to design your own study programme to best fit you and your qualifications.

The AC track assumes that you when enrolling have a rich baggage of knowledge of computing from your previous degree.

It is extremely important that you have the prerequisites for completing the mandatory courses of the first year (see the table below). Expand the paragraph and see more about the prerequisites.

This track prepares you to work in the core of the software development industry, to contribute to the development of new software technologies and tools.

Career prospects
The competencies of Software Development and Technology and the global perspective of the programme prepares you for a career in both Danish and global context, working as e.g.:

  • System Developer
  • Programmer
  • Software Architect
  • Database manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Project manager
  • System consultant in a broader sense

Admission requirements
To apply for admission to the IT University’s MSc programme you are required to have:

  • A university or professional bachelor’s degree, or corresponding degree.
  • If you hold a bachelor's degree from a country outside the EU/EEA, your degree should preferably be within the area of science or engineering.
  • English corresponding to the Danish B-level.
  • Software Development applicants for the Advanced Computing admission area must have a qualifying (bachelor) degree related to software development with substantial programming content. Additionally, applicants must have, during their bachelor studies, studied Programming, Foundations and Software Engineering. This should be thoroughly described in the cover letter.
  • Applicants for the Design admission area must have a bachelor degree in a non-software area.

Please note that the MSc programme has restricted competitive admission.

Tuition fees
EU/EEA citizens are not to pay any tuition fees (including citizens of the Nordic countries). Non-EU/EEA citizens are to pay tuition fees.

The IT University of Copenhagen offers state scholarships to three or four exceptionally talented MSc applicants (full-degree students) from outside EU and EEA every year. The scholarships will be offered to the applicants who achieve the best scores according to the criteria in our admission rules. The state scholarships consist of free tuition and partly covering of living expenses.

Applicants cannot apply for the scholarships. The IT University considers all admitted MSc students for the scholarships and informs the students chosen for the scholarships in their letter of admission.

Last updated Dec 2017

About the School

The IT University is creating more IT graduates, than any other university in Denmark and offers a variety of research based study programmes within the field of IT.

The IT University is creating more IT graduates, than any other university in Denmark and offers a variety of research based study programmes within the field of IT. Read less