MSc in Quantitative Economics (IMSQE)


Program Description

MSc in Quantitative Economics (IMSQE)

A quantitative and analytical focus for the elite student

The International Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (IMSQE) is an elite programme at the Department of Economics and Business Economics at Aarhus BSS. Students tailor their own study programme on the basis of a range of advanced courses with a quantitative orientation, including selected PhD-level courses. The programme requires strong analytical skills in quantitative methods, and there are special requirements regarding the level and qualitative content of written assignments. A particular emphasis is placed on the students’ analytical and quantitative skills.

Learning objectives and aims

The IMSQE programme provides its students with a number of outstanding qualifications. You will acquire analytical skills at a very high level. You will, therefore, be able to apply the methods you have learned to new cases, to formulate new theories, to formulate and test hypotheses, and to reflect upon the validity and relevance of various scientific methods and substantive theories within the field. To do this, students need to be able to think independently, not just to reproduce the known material.

The aim of the IMSQE programme is to provide candidates with advanced-level training within the analytical, quantitative disciplines of macroeconomics, microeconomics, economics, econometrics, and finance and accounting. The IMSQE programme aims to recruit within quantitative economics and management in competition with such leading institutions as the London School of Economics, Oxford University, and Cambridge University.


Graduates who complete the IMSQE programme acquire analytical skills at a very high level. These are in increasing demand. Potential future employers of these graduates are international and Danish organizations, consulting firms, ministries and government agencies, and financial institutions such as commercial banks, mortgage institutions, pension funds, insurance companies and investment banks. The IMSQE programme also provides an excellent opportunity for candidates to continue their studies at Ph.D. level. For students who wish to continue on to the Ph.D. programme, a special arrangement is provided to bridge the transition from the IMSQE programme to research training.

“My greatest gains from the programme are my strong analytical skills and my experience of working in an international environment. The department provides many opportunities for IMSQE students to participate in international conferences on equal terms with senior faculty.”

Stephanie Bendorff Røpcke

MSc in Quantitative Economics (IMSQE)

Vice President, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners

Place of study


Annual tuition fee

EU/EEA/Swiss citizens: FREE

Others: EUR 10,000

Aarhus bss

Aarhus BSS (School of Business and Social Sciences) is one of Aarhus University’s four faculties. With approximately 13,000 full-time students, several thousand part-time students, more than 230 PhD students and more than 590 faculty members, Aarhus BSS ranks among the largest business schools in Europe and is Denmark’s biggest business and social sciences unit at university level. Building on its broad academic base, it encompasses both traditional business and social science disciplines.

Learning in an international context

At Aarhus BSS, we conduct research and teach­ing at the highest academic level. We are dedicated to imparting to our students exactly the knowledge, skills and experience that are in demand – the skills that are essential for engaging in professional business activities in a global marketplace.

Our broad scope enables us to attract researchers, lecturers and stu­dents from all over the world. With their help, we have built an international environment in which academic and cultural views are exchanged, expe­riences gathered, and friendships formed.

Our students are encouraged to take a semester abroad at one of Aarhus BSS’s approximately 300 partner universities around the world. Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for you to expand your horizon academically, culturally and personally, and for you to acquire valuable international experience and qualifications that are in high demand in companies and organisations everywhere.

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Aarhus University is an academically diverse and strongly research-oriented institution that creates and shares knowledge. The university was founded in 1928 and today it has several world class resea ... Read More

Aarhus University is an academically diverse and strongly research-oriented institution that creates and shares knowledge. The university was founded in 1928 and today it has several world class research fields. Read less
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