SNEAM/NEPIA Nuclear Energy Production & Industrial Applications specializes in nuclear sciences applications including energy production (power reactors) and industrial applications (particles beams technology, instrumentation, etc). A particular focus is put on the safety and radioprotection, to be considered in the management of a large project in this field.


  • Acquire basic knowledge necessary for understanding nuclear energy production (power reactors) and industrial applications, e.g. accelerators, cyclotrons, etc.
  • Develop competencies in reactor operation, maintenance and safety issues including radioprotection.
  • Develop competencies in particles beams production and qualification.
  • Develop competencies in nuclear radiations applications: instrumentation, non destructive control, security, etc.
  • Develop an awareness of societal considerations related to nuclear energy production.
  • Take into account societal issues related to nuclear energy production.

Course Structure

The Master of Science SNEAM-NEPIA starts in September and is divided into 4 semesters:

  • MSc year 1: 2 academic semesters in Nantes campus
  • MSc year 2: 1 academic semester for specialization in Nantes campus + 6 months Master Thesis in industry or research laboratory.

Scientific and technical modules:

  • Physics of Ionizing Radiation
  • Introduction to Nuclear modeling
  • Introduction to Neutron physics
  • Safety and Radioprotection
  • Physico-Chemistry of Environment
  • Introduction to Nuclear Technology
  • Basics for reactors
  • Dismantlement and Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations
  • Nuclear materials
  • Operation & maintenance

Management modules:

  • Nuclear: Management, Safety, and Society
  • Energy mix and energetic transition
  • Environmental Management and Strategy of sustainability

Company visits, scientific seminars, technical projects, generic methods for engineers, French language & culture

Professional coaching (a Student-centered process of reflection on competencies and professional objectives)

  • 6-month MSc thesis in Industry or research lab

Job Opportunities

  • Project engineer related to nuclear energy.
  • Operation and maintenance engineer in power plant and other industrial applications.
  • Safety engineer in nuclear power plant operation and industrial installations, and environmental controls.
  • Research scientist and development engineer for industrial installations and power plants.

Application Procedure

A committee consisting of professors is charged with selecting the applicants, based on the following criteria:

  • C.V. / Resume
  • Motivation letter
  • Applicant's previous scientific background and grades
  • English level
  • Working or training experience
  • Description of the professional plans after the SNEAM program
  • Reference letters

Please upload the required documents for SNEAM application on the dedicated online platform:


Participation cost: 12000 €/year


Special rates for:

  • European students from the Erasmus zone (6000 €/year)
  • EU Graduate students from our partner universities(3000 €/year)
  • EU students met at Education fairs (5400 €/year)
  • Excellent EU applications or recommended EU applications(2600 €/year)
  • Non-EU students graduated from our partner universities (6500 €/year)
  • Non-EU students met at Education fairs (9600 €/year)
  • Non-EU Excellent applications or recommended applications (6000 to 9000 €/year)
  • Double-Degree students
  • Possible Industrial sponsorship.
Program taught in:
  • English

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Last updated September 12, 2019
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Sep 2019
2 years
24,000 EUR
Possible tuition fee waivers
May 31, 2020
Each year for non EU-students. 15 June each year for EU-students.
By locations
By date
Start Date
Sep 2019
End Date
July 31, 2021
Application deadline
May 31, 2020
Each year for non EU-students. 15 June each year for EU-students.

Sep 2019

Application deadline
May 31, 2020
Each year for non EU-students. 15 June each year for EU-students.
End Date
July 31, 2021