MSc in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDfOR)


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Program Description


MEDfOR is a two-year world-class International Master Programme on the field of Forestry and sustainability, implemented in 2012.

It is the only program in Europe that simultaneously addresses the economic, ecological and social challenges of sustainable Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management.

MEDfOR also address specific topics on the field of forestry, with particular emphasis on the Mediterranean area such as:

·forest as a unique world heritage,

·forest management and conservation

·forestry role in the welfare of the society.

Our purpose is to educate the next generation of leaders in forestry and natural resources, and public and private land management, with a special focus on the Mediterranean region. We wish to provide our students with tools to contribute to the solutions of forestry, natural resources and environmental challenges throughout the region and the world.

For that we brought together the best expertise, human resources and facilities of the Mediterranean region.



The Programme is offered by a Consortium of 7 top ranked Universities.

·University of Lisbon, Portugal

·University of Padova, Italy

·University of Lleida, Spain

·University of Valladolid, Spain

·Technical University of Karadeniz, Turkey

·University of Tuscia, Italy

·Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal

It is supported by a consultation panel with several associated partners and stakeholders that come from leading international research and outreach organizations in Forestry and Natural Resources Management.


The MEDfOR program offers a 2 year (120 ECTS) MSc degree. This corresponds to 3 semesters of coursework, 1 month Winter School and 1 semester to prepare the Master dissertation.

In the first year you may acquire knowledge in the full range of disciplines essential to the use and management of forests. In the second year, the students acquire cutting-edge knowledge in a specialization provided by one of the 7 consortium universities, more focus on Mediterranean Forestry.

The last semester is dedicated to the thesis.

The official language of MEDfOR is English.

Mobility is key in the Programme, and you may study at two or 3 different universities and countries during your path. You may also develop an internship or/and your master thesis with one of our associated partners, around 20 institutions spread all around the world.


To apply you must have at least at a bachelor degree on the field of economics or sciences and a high proficiency in English. This is the list of documents you need to send:

1) Filled Application Form (found on the website)

2) Copy of Passport (as proof of Nationality)

3) Copy of place of residence

4) Certified (translated) copy of university diplomas

5) Certified (translated) transcript of study results

6) Proof of English proficiency

7) CV - Curriculum vitae


At the end of the programme you shall have acquired a solid scientific habilitation, specific technical skills and the competences necessary to develop a career in innovative fields of work in Forestry.

Our Alumi, who come from all have the world, have found jobs all over the world. Some are working at private entities, public administration, international organizations (eg. FAO, GIZ), ONGS, or as consultants for local or international companies. One third of the students easily got a PhD scholarship and started an academic career. Some alumni are now lecturers.

Some of the careers our Alumni followed:

·Technical officer at forestry

·Environmental Auditor


·Technical advisor

·Consultant for International Companies

·Project Coordinator

·Lecturer at University

·Project manager/ assistance

·Sustainable Investment manager


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The University of Lisbon, plays an important role in creating knowledge and innovation, in fostering the economy, and educating the leaders of the 21st century. The diversity of competences is a compe ... Read More

The University of Lisbon, plays an important role in creating knowledge and innovation, in fostering the economy, and educating the leaders of the 21st century. The diversity of competences is a competitive advantage of ULisboa compared to traditional universities. Read less
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