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EFMD Equis Accredited
AACSB Accredited

MSc in Marketing and Creativity

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ESCP Europe's MSc in Marketing & Creativity is an 18-month programme taught in English at our London and Paris campuses. Its groundbreaking curriculum integrates traditional lectures and creative industry seminars, as well as a professional internship, thesis, direct experience in a developing market, and consultancy project for a corporate client.

The programme begins every January, with the next intake joining us in January 2018.

Aimed at postgraduates holding Honours degrees in any discipline, the MSc in Marketing and Creativity course offers all the elements of a high-level MSc programme and an innovative approach which places creativity at its very core. Our graduates excel in their subsequent dynamic careers by learning to unleash the value of creativity both in themselves and in those around them.

The creativity element is infused throughout the MSc in Marketing and Creativity's 18-month programme and reflected in the illustrative cases and best practices from the creative industries. Specialist seminars on fashion, design, architecture, film, music, language, art, theatre and advertising are built in throughout thanks to our partnerships with UK and European beacons of creativity. Students benefit from studying in both London and Paris, two of the world's recognised centres of creative excellence, as well as from the support of the School's outstanding world-class faculty.

By pairing this unique focus with almost 200 years of expertise, we provide MMK students with one of the most striking, thought-provoking and – above all – career-broadening Marketing masters currently available.

Please note, the MSc in Marketing and Creativity programme is taught entirely in English and has only one intake per year (January).

The application process for the January 2018 intake of the MMK is now open.

Is our MSc in Marketing and Creativity right for you?

Yes, if you are a looking for:

  • an accredited generalist postgraduate marketing programme that places the value of creativity at the centre of marketing practice
  • a ground-breaking programme that brings together creative minds to teach a fresh approach to marketing
  • a practical programme in which you launch your future career with support from a network of creative professionals
  • an insightful programme based on decades of experience in teaching marketing at the postgraduate level by a world-class faculty
  • an innovative programme that reflects the most up-to-date thinking in marketing so you can run ahead of the curve in this fast-changing field
  • an international programme that brings together perspectives and experiences from across Europe
  • a value-focused programme that lets you enhance your creative talents to develop outstanding skills and mindset for a successful marketing career

There are many Masters in Marketing out there, but there are none quite as innovative as ESCP Europe's MSc in Marketing and Creativity. We look forward to your application!

Key features

With its focus on creativity, the programme integrates a strong core curriculum in marketing with practical applications, highly relevant cases, best practice examples and an exploration of creative disciplines. It features:

  • An eight-month taught course (January to October) with a practical approach to marketing and creativity. (Please note that including internship and thesis portions, the programme's length is 18 months in total.)
  • Seminars offered in conjunction with our partners in leading creative fields
  • Opportunities to attend seminars on one or more of the other ESCP Europe campuses
  • A supervised team-based marketing consultancy project
  • The support of our London and Paris-based marketing faculty, careers services, network of corporate partners and alumni
  • A (minimum) 16-week individual internship
  • A professional research thesis
  • A unique approach to education that we like to call 'Not By The Book'.
Core Themes

Successful marketing managers bring together a good measure of creativity, marketing skills and management know-how. It is for this reason that we have organised this programme around four core themes - Creativity, Marketing, Management and Analytics.


A definite focus on creativity and its value is what makes this programme stand out from the perspective of both students and employers upon graduation; creativity runs as a theme throughout all modules. Our unique Creativity Workshops help you develop and enhance your own creativity skills, while our Creative Industries Seminars and case studies bring you face-to-face with best practice across a number of industries.


The Marketing modules equip you with all the essential skills and knowledge necessary for successful high-level practice in marketing across any type of organisation and sector, both consumer and B2B. Throughout the marketing modules, we adopt the perspective that value creation begins with, and is driven by, customer experience and benefits.


Leveraging the full benefit of creative thinking in the practice of marketing requires a perceptive understanding of what makes creativity and creative thinkers different. The management modules offered will help you to develop a full range of valuable management skills and practices, delivering performance and results as well as the ability to identify and harness the creative talent in an organisation.


As the role of analytics in Marketing increases and the availability of rich "Big Data" continues to explode, we see Analytics as an important pillar of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity. Innovative modules integrating state-of-the-art thinking for a creative approach to marketing analytics have recently been developed for the course. Albert Einstein famously said, "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." You will learn not just how to count, but what to count and how to gain advantage from what you count.

What You Study

The MSc in Marketing and Creativity programme is comprised of 483 hours of lectures plus seminars, delivering 90 ECTS credits.

The MSc degree is awarded by ESCP Europe, the first business school in the world (est. 1819) with triple accreditation from AACSB, Equis and AMBA. The programme is accredited as an MSc by the French Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

ESCP Europe is consistently ranked among the very top European business schools. Other European and international organisations seeking to evaluate or grant credit for the programme are encouraged to contact the Programme Director for further details.

Core Modules

Term 1: January – March 2017 London

  • Introduction to Creativity Marketing
  • The Art and Science of Creativity
  • Understanding the Marketplace
  • Consumers and Consumer Value
Term 2: March – May 2017 London
  • Branding and the Creation of Value
  • Financial Skills for Marketers
  • Creative Analytics
  • Financial Skills for Marketers
  • Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
Term 3: May – July 2017 London
  • Creativity in Managing Upstream Markets
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global issues in Marketing
  • Product Management and Marketing Planning
*You will have the opportunity to choose from three specialisations, including Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship & Tech, and Fashion & Luxury

Term 4: September – October 2017 Paris

  • Strategies of Innovation
  • Creative Branding
  • Managing for Social Impact (all terms)
  • Company Consultancy Project
Additional Modules*
  • Company Consultancy Project (Term 4)
  • Creativity Industries Seminars
  • Creativity Workshop
  • Guest Speakers from Industries
  • Careers Advice & Workshops
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Alumni Network Introduction
  • French language lessons (optional)
*Additional modules are provided throughout the taught portion of the MMK. All additional modules are compulsory, with the exception of the French language lessons.

Creative Industries Seminars

A unique and popular feature of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity is the series of Creative Industries Seminars held with leading London- and Paris-based creative organisations in fields such as music, fashion, design, film, architecture and advertising.

Guided by expert speakers and company visits, students explore the application of creativity and innovation in each category, and how they are integrated with the business aspects.

In follow-up sessions, students get the chance to discuss the learning from their immersive experience and analyse the ways in which it can be applied more generally to marketing management.

The Seminars and Workshops for any given year may vary, but the list below indicates the range and type of sessions offered.

Companies who have taken part include:

  • Alan Baxter Associates (Design & Engineering)
  • Brilliant Films (Film Production Company)
  • English Touring Opera (Performing Arts)
  • Golden Goose (Product Licensing)
  • Good Pilot (Art Marketing)
  • Hearst Digital (Publishing)
  • Institut Français de la Mode (Fashion)
  • Jones Knowles Ritchie (Brand & Packaging Design)
  • LEGO (Consumer Communities)
  • The Tate Gallery (Museums & Galleries)
  • (Transportation App)

and as individuals:

  • Edward Smith (Music Management)
  • Dr Geoffrey Tyack (Architecture)
  • Andrew Boddington/Alice D. Cooper (Customer Relationship Marketing)
  • Simon Ferniot (Entrepreneurship)


  • Creative London
  • Presentation Skills
  • Creativity as Craft
  • Storytelling Skills
  • Mirror Briefing
  • Big Data
Consultancy Project

The Company Consultancy Project (CCP) is a key and integrated element of the MMK programme, designed to provide students with a collaborative learning experience and demonstrate in a real-world application the concepts and tools studied during the programme.

Students form multinational teams to carry out a six-week, in-depth analysis of a marketing situation or issue faced by a company. In particular, teams are expected to apply creative approaches to solve complex marketing problems.

This gives students the valuable opportunity to work at a professional level with a third-party company or start-up introduced by the School from amongst its diverse range of Corporate Partners. A professor from ESCP Europe supervises the project to offer relevant advice and to ensure that the academic requirements are met.

The CCP results in a series of recommendations that the company can implement to meet the strategic challenge at hand. The company sponsor receives a comprehensive written report and the conclusions of the project are presented to an academic jury.

Professional Thesis

The Professional Thesis is a further opportunity for MSc in Marketing and Creativity students to enhance the learning and skills gained from the MMK programme and deepen both knowledge and understanding of their chosen field of marketing or business.

As part of the individual Company Internship, each student selects a research topic of particular interest for analysis. Recommendations are prepared using clear, logical argumentation and drawing upon original desk research, interviews or a case study carried out during their assignment.

Each thesis project is supervised and guided by a member of Faculty or expert in the relevant field. Students are encouraged to pick a topic of personal interest or one highly relevant to their career plan, stepping outside of the day-to-day work they are performing in their internship and thinking about how the issue relates to broader concepts and to other sectors and types of companies.

At the end of the programme, a written thesis is submitted and a viva voce oral examination held at which the research is presented to and assessed by an academic jury.

The Professional Thesis is a major part of the MMK syllabus and accounts for 30 of the programme's 90 ECTS credits. The research report produced is designed to act as a potential springboard for future career opportunities.

Admission Requirements

The programme is aimed at postgraduates holding a Bachelor degree from any discipline.*

The application process for the January 2018 intake of the MMK is now open.

A minimum of 18 months of relevant working experience is also required in customer-related activities such as marketing, sales, retail services or in the creative industries. This can include a combination of permanent positions, internships, voluntary work and part-time jobs, which will be considered cumulatively towards the working experience requirement, as long as they are relevant to the programme.

Admitted candidates usually have a collective work experience ranging from 18 months to five years.

When selecting our students, our juries focus particularly on applicants who exhibit a strong motivation not only for marketing, but for the particular approach and content of the MSc in Marketing & Creativity programme. Participants on the programme are generally aged between 22 and 29.

When completing your application, it is important to highlight all of your positions, including any internships, and clearly indicate the following:

  • Start and end dates
  • Part-time or full-time positions
  • Type of organisation (e.g. professional industry/voluntary sector/university society)

Use this section of your application form to describe your working experience in detail, outlining your main tasks and responsibilities, achievements, the problems you faced, etc. This part of the application is an opportunity for you to show your suitability to join the programme and is likely to form the basis of the questions you will face in the final interview stage if you are selected.

*A Master 1 is required for French students.

Visa Requirements

As with all ESCP Europe's programmes, multi-campus study is an important and compulsory part of completing the MSc in Marketing & Creativity. It is vital all students have the relevant visas. ESCP Europe takes no responsibility for any student's failure to obtain these documents.

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