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Program Description

Marketing has become a major driver of both performances within organizations and organizational decisions. The program allows students to develop wide-ranging professional know-how in the area of marketing management, thanks to a unique combination of course contents.

It integrates an advanced preparation in essential marketing tools and fields such as quantitative methods, legal issues and digital marketing strategies with highly innovative approaches and competencies from different academic fields such as neuroscience or anthropological studies and their impact on marketing-related fields such as consumer behavior.

Graduates are prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing globalized business world, having the necessary knowledge and skills that enable them not only to react but to proactively shape the marketing of the future.

They will be able to enter the job market in a variety of industries, from business-to-business to business-to-consumer, playing different roles within the marketing functional area. They can succeed in manufacturing, service, retailing and consultancy companies, as well as in market research and communication agencies.

Program Structure

In the first year, students study the conceptual and operative tools needed to understand the environment and behavior of markets from the demand side and the supply side (competitive contexts, behavior of consumer and industrial purchasers, distribution systems analysis) and the salient aspects of marketing management (strategic outlook, product management, innovation development and corporate communication).
Students then specialize in one of the areas focused on professional expertise and future career openings by choosing one of the majors proposed by Bocconi or by devising a set of courses to be chosen from among the ones available within the program.

First Year
at Bocconi (Milan)

First Semester
Main topics:

  • Strategic Marketing Tools
  • Market Sensing
  • Global Vision and Economic Scenarios

Students acquire a consumer-centric attitude, to develop the fundamentals of strategic marketing and understand how to analyze industrial structures and dynamics.

Second Semester
Main topics:

  • Go-to-Market Tools
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Innovation and Competitive Paths

This semester completes the pillars of marketing, developing a multidisciplinary set of competencies for problem-solving and research and allow students to acquire a solid mindset for innovation and competitive challenges.

Second Year
at Bocconi (Milan) and/or abroad


  • Business Communication and Social Media
  • Distribution Networks and Retailing in the Digital Era
  • Product and Service Management
  • Big Data and Business Analytics

Free Track

  • 4 electives

Study Abroad Programs

  • Double Degrees with:
    ESADE Escuela Superior de Administracion y Direccion de Empresas (Barcelona, Spain)
    NHH Norwegian School of Economics (Bergen, Norway)
    Queen’s School of Business (Kingston, Canada)
    Universidade Catolica Portuguesa (Lisbon, Portugal)
    Universität Mannheim (Mannheim, Germany)
    The University of Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia)
    WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna, Austria)
  • Exchange Programs

Internship (compulsory)
Foreign languages (two languages)

Learning Objectives

The Master of Science in Marketing Management has the following educational objectives:
  • provide advanced studies in marketing in the operative as well as strategic areas, with reference to the national and international context;
  • develop a complete comprehension of the different marketing techniques with reference to business-to-business and business-to-consumer, including different cultural contexts;
  • complete your preparation in the business field providing competences in subjects as economics, quantitative and juridical, so as to develop problem analysis skills in interdisciplinary areas;
  • develop behavioral skills via ad hoc seminars and via in/out of class activities related to courses, namely skills in communication, in interaction, in addressing complex issues;
  • promote fluency in English to work effectively and efficiently; proficiency in a second EU language (in the English version of the MSc: Italian for non-Italian native speakers). Finally, to foster a wide-ranging culture to develop critical thinking and to delve into cutting-edge topics.

Career Opportunities

Job opportunities for graduates in the MSc in Marketing Management include:

  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumer roles in all industries.
  • Key areas in marketing, e.g. market analysis, strategic marketing planning, marketing implementation, and monitoring.
  • Opportunities in the international arena, thanks to the international awareness about the strength of the Bocconi brand and its network of relations with companies, public sector institutions, and non-profit organizations.
  • Openings in manufacturing, service, retailing and consultancy companies, as well as with market-research and communication agencies.
  • A wide variety of starting positions and roles, such as product and brand manager, advertising strategist, market analyst, media planner, key-account and customer relationship manager, trade and retail manager, sales manager, category manager, PR and event manager, etc.
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About the School

Università Bocconi, founded in 1902, was the first Italian university to grant a degree in economics.

Università Bocconi, founded in 1902, was the first Italian university to grant a degree in economics. Read less
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