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MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management

Athens University of Economics & Business

Welcome Message from the Director

The Interdepartmental MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management (ISFM) comprises a unique combination of the three knowledge areas in its title, which are essential for those employed or are interested to find work in the International Shipping industry. This is achieved through a modern, well-structured program, which combines reading of the international literature, laboratory classes, case studies, workshops, teaching, visits to companies and an academic dissertation aimed at enhancing research skills. The academic members of staff involved in the program are producing highly pioneering research in their respective fields of study. Business executives are also invited as keynote speakers in the program. All the above are disseminated in the curricula of the course units to make up a distinct educational program.


The University is a highly acclaimed State institution both at National and International levels, which offers officially recognized postgraduate programs. It offers excellent study and research facilities, providing access to a complete library of books, online and hardcopy volumes of scientific and business journals, newspapers and magazines, databases and specialized software in its laboratories. This enables fast and efficient access to relevant information and data for students, which is vital in pursuing high standards of research and study. The School of Business Administration and the School of Economics are involved in the MSc program through their relevant Departments of Accounting and Finance and Management Science & Technology and of the International & European Economic Studies, respectively.

The Professors of the MSc in ISFM are Ph.D. holders. They have solid educational backgrounds, significant professional work experience, influential scientific publications and presentations in international conferences. Their work has gained international recognition, have received teaching prizes by Greek and non-Greek universities, and are members of important international associations and committees.

The Location of the MSc program, at the heart of one of the most important International Maritime Centers of the World, is deemed extremely important for the networking and the employment opportunities it offers to its participants. More than 700 shipping companies are established here in Attica (around the port of Piraeus and in Athens and its suburbs), owning and managing a fleet of ships with the world’s highest tonnage capacity. Clients of these companies are also established here to serve them, including more than 1,000 shipbroking firms, financial institutions, international auditing and accounting firms, insurance companies, classification societies and shipping lawyers, amongst others. This enables direct access to market resources, such as industry scholarships which are offered to MSc students, student placements with companies in Greece and abroad, guest speakers from the industry, visits to companies and to the port of Piraeus and COSCO and significant networking opportunities.

All the above constitute a distinguished learning environment, providing students of the MSc with top quality relevant theoretical and practical knowledge, thus allowing graduates of the MSc in ISFM to be highly competitive in the job market and obtain immediate work placement following graduation.

In other words the MSc in International Shipping, Finance and Management is a significant investment in the professional careers of its graduates.

The Director of the MSc ISFM, Prof. Manolis G. Kavussanos


The Master’s program aims to

Provide academic training to graduates and executives that are eager to find employment or are already working in the fields of Shipping, Finance and Management and wish to obtain a higher level of professional development through an English speaking postgraduate program.

Offer education in the scientific areas of shipping, finance and management, in their specialized areas, to upper level managers of businesses and public and private organizations.

Provide education in the scientific areas of shipping, finance and management to students with officially recognized undergraduate degrees who wish to continue their studies in English, as well as to upper level managers of multinational corporations or organizations in Greece whose business is transacted in English.

Promote AUEB on a worldwide basis and develop cooperation with the international academic community.

Link the educational process with the specific needs of the local market and the international economy.

The Program is designed for

Highly intelligent applicants with good undergraduate studies and talent, who are ready to work hard and have the ambition to reach top positions on the executive ladder.

The MSc program offers

  • • Postgraduate study in an International Maritime Centre, in Greece – with the highest ownership (in tonnage) in the World and thousands of companies located here
  • • The opportunity to study at AUEB, a top School for Economics and Business in Greece and Internationally recognized for its quality of education, research and training
  • An academic program taught by world class professors, constantly reviewed to fit the needs of the industry
  • Placements of students with companies at the end of the taught part of the program
  • Visits to relevant companies and organizations
  • Executive guest speakers from the industry
  • Access to books, major databases, newspapers, periodicals and academic journals related to shipping, finance and management
  • A number of scholarships available to suitable applicants, sponsored by shipping and other companies and organisations, foundations and banks
  • Academic excellence prizes, awarded to students at the end of the full and part time programs

Admissions Criteria – Application Process

The evaluation and acceptance of applicants is based on the following criteria:

  • University of the Undergraduate studies and the marks obtained - University Degrees / Diplomas (Recognition by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (DOATAP) is required) must be submitted
  • Marks received, as certified through the Official Transcripts of marks (with certified translation in English, unless it is in Greek)
  • Two confidential recommendation letters
  • English language certification verifying excellent command of the language (as determined by TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS scores, or the Cambridge or Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English)
  • Personal statement of approximately 500 words, in English
  • Proof of employment record, if any – required for part time applicants
  • CV in English
  • Personal interview with the admissions committee

The following must also be submitted for the evaluation process to take place

  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Copy of the bank deposit slip, covering the application processing fee of €50

The Admissions Committee, in making a decision to offer a position to a candidate, ranks the applicants according to the above quantitative and qualitative criteria.

Terms of study

Class attendance in course units is compulsory. Students who are absent for more than 1/3 of the contact hours in a course unit will fail it and must attend it the next time it is offered. Course units are assessed with written and/or oral examinations and/or assignments. For a course unit to be examined through an oral examination and/or assignment only, it requires approval by the Special Interdepartmental Committee. The final mark of each course unit is determined by its instructor, and typically includes individual and/or team assignments. Students that fail in more than two course units per semester are considered to have failed overall and are required to leave the Program.

The submission deadline for MSc theses is October 31 of the academic year following the initial registration for full-time students, and June 15 of the second academic year following the initial registration for part-time students.



A number of scholarships available to suitable applicants, sponsored by shipping and other companies and organisations, foundations and banks

Academic Excellence Awards

Academic excellence awards are granted to students that excel in the program at the end of the academic year.

Governance of the MSc in ISFM

The Master’s program has been established following approval by all relevant committees and bodies of the University and by the Hellenic Ministry of Education, having satisfied all relevant requirements of a scientific Master’s program. Subsequently, it follows the postgraduate and other governance rules of the University. Decisions regarding academic, student and organizational matters are taken by the Interdepartmental Committee of the Master’s program, which meets at regular intervals during the academic year. It comprises seven (7) members; four (4) from the Department of Accounting and Finance, including the Director of the MSc program, two (2) from the Department of Management Science and Technology and one (1) from the Department of International and European Economic studies. The day to day running of the program is overseen by its Director aided by the Masters’ secretariat.

This school offers programs in:
  • English

Last updated January 21, 2017
Duration & Price
This course is Campus based
Start Date
Start date
Sept. 2017
12 - 24 months
Part time
Full time
8,000 EUR
Oct. 31, 2017
Greece - Athens
Start date: Sept. 2017
Application deadline Oct. 31, 2017
End date Request Info
Sept. 2017
Greece - Athens
Application deadline Oct. 31, 2017
End date Request Info
full time program and €9,500 for the part time program.