MSc in International Finance


Program Description

Managing International Finance Today

MSc International Finance is designed to provide international students with the skills to compete in the global business market.

General objective

Finance, Business risk Management and Portfolio management, drive company evolution. Indeed, finance enables to develop strategic responses and align company objectives. The MSc in International Finance will teach you to support corporate strategy and financial markets. With growth and in a favourable global environment, companies are increasingly facing financial changes.

Financial valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Portfolio diversification, Financial instruments, Digital currencies and Blockchain technology are among the fundamental topics included by managers in their financial strategy.

Company development and strategic decisions are increasing the growth of activity. New jobs are required to support organisations in their financial and strategic evolutions. The MSc in International Finance is organised to provide you with the multiple skills required to become a financial analyst in a financial institution or a finance department.

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Learning outcomes

The essential elements required for the financial strategy, so as to orchestrate the different financial operating managers and financial engineering options and rise to the challenges and goals of the company. Students will be able to make decisions in complex and financial environments. They will know how to:

  • Identify the relevant financial strategies
  • Price complex financial instruments (exotic options, derivatives, etc.)
  • Understand how to turn a company into a financially efficient organisation
  • Make investment decisions for portfolio management purposes
  • Lead the financial instruments for an allocated portfolio
  • Define an action plan for financial operations to realise great value opportunities

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Managing International Finance Today

This program is designed for students wanting to participate work in corporate decision making with firms and market activities.

This programme will enable you to identify the most appropriate strategies to be implemented to cope with financial challenges. After completing this programme, you will be ready to implement financial strategy and understand financials frameworks.

You will study the financial principles to enable you to intervene in international finance operations. You will be capable of identifying the financial opportunities, and the strengths and weaknesses of organisations engaged in financial operations. You will be able to implement new management frameworks in financial departments and become an actor in financial markets. The MSc trains students to be capable of identifying the most efficient financial operating procedures in international firms within corporate and market finance.

Program Overview

This MSc will enable you to participate in operational cases interacting directly with companies' financial teams and to understand strategic decisions and financial options.

At the end of the programme, you will have an option of a 4-month internship or a dissertation. EMLV will give you access to a list of internship and job offers in your field through its Corporate Relations Department, Alumni network, school and MSc partners.

Semester 1

International Finance

  • Financial Instruments
  • Options, Futures and Swaps
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • Financial Markets
  • Disruptive technology and blockchain

Financial Analysis

  • Corporate Investments
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Financing Accounting
  • Financial reporting
  • Bloomberg test preparation

Management Skills

  • Ethics, Skills and Behavior
  • Securities Law & Compliance
  • Consultancy Management
  • Management & Leadership
  • Professional Skills & Employability Development

Conferences with Financial Managers

French as a Foreign Language

Semester 2

Financial Operations

  • Financial Valuation
  • Private Equity
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Strategy
  • Financial Engineering
  • Business Plan

Asset Management

  • Portfolio Management & Analysis
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Risk Management
  • Cryptocurrencies & Digital currency
  • Alternative Investments

Research Methods

Career Development

Dissertation or Internship

Career opportunities

The MSc in International Finance programme offers a wide range of employment opportunities in a multidisciplinary and international environment. MSc students aspire to lead roles such as:

  • Manager middle-office
  • Account manager
  • Broker
  • Financial analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Treasurer of a firm
  • Financial Analyst
  • Merger & Acquisition Consultant
  • Compliance Officer
  • Financial operational Consultant
  • Financial Project Manager
  • Fund Manager
  • Sales & Broking
  • CFO
  • Head of the treasury department

Entry requirements

  • Applicants must have an International Bachelor Degree (240 ECTS or equivalent).
  • English test IELTS 6.5 or equivalent requested.
  • Interview (either face-to-face or at distance).
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Ideally located in the heart of La Défense Business District, the Pôle Universitaire Léonard De Vinci unites more than 6500 students within its four schools which deliver degrees which are recognized ... Read More

Ideally located in the heart of La Défense Business District, the Pôle Universitaire Léonard De Vinci unites more than 6500 students within its four schools which deliver degrees which are recognized by employers: The Graduate School of Engineering (ESILV), The Management School (EMLV) and The Institute of Internet & Multimedia (IIM). Read less