MSc in International Air Transportation System Engineering and Design


Program Description

Aims of the MSc International Air Transportation System Engineering and Design – MSc IATSED

Air transport market has increased considerably involving multidisciplinary constraints and objectives to become a complex system of systems – aircraft design, manufacturing, airlines operations, integrated Air Traffic Management, Airport operations, etc. Air transport global system needs to manage new technics development and methodologies in a fierce competition. Life cycle needs to master innovation acceleration with a huge quantity of information to be processed. Historical V-model reference in system development is progressively supplanted by Agile methods. Traditional development must be enforced by security and safety considerations. Facing all these constraints, Air transport stakeholders need polyvalent engineers competent in system design, in quick and efficient programming, in big data and machine learning.

The MSc IATSED has been developed with Air Transport industry (Egis, Cap Gemini, Airbus, Thales) to satisfy their needs and expectations in key technologies that are emerging for complex air transport’s systems and software development.

By integrating the MSc IATSED, you will receive a solid foundation of fundamental systems engineering knowledge with extensive experimentation in managing complex, multidisciplinary, advanced engineering projects thanks to the involvement of our industrial partners all along with the master program: course definition, project monitoring, new technologies introduction, six-month thesis.

You will gain valuable deeper insights to manage complex engineering systems and improve future processes. Based on an interdisciplinary engineering approach, the MSc IATSED makes sure you will be familiarized with international engineering concepts by direct application of international INCOSE standards. IATSED professors maintain close ties with the INCOSE community.

Teaching approach

MSc IATSED teaching consists of 4 semesters, including three academic semesters and last semester for master thesis completion in a company or a laboratory.

MSc IATSED teaching is based on new learning methods. So, most of the competencies are acquired and evaluated through applied projects, along the 3 first semesters. Innovative method aids are used like e-learning with instructors, self-directed learning, and so on.

During semester 1 and 2, students acquire air transport, engineering, and programming fundamental knowledge. In parallel, they work on a one-year project to design a complex air transport’s system and develop a linked software application.

During semester 3, students deepen their knowledge and expertise, by choosing an option among two tracks:

  • Advanced engineering, which leads to INCOSE certification.
  • Advanced software programming, which leads to data science and secure programming expertise

Student willing to continue toward Ph.D. studies after completion of MSc IATSED has the opportunity to choose a research-oriented project in this third semester.

Main outlines for MSc aerospace – IATOM & IATSED admission process:

  • Duration of studies: Two-year program full time
  • Beginning of classes: September
  • Location: ENAC Toulouse
  • Teaching language: English

Admission requirements MSc Aerospace - IATSED

Complying with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), MSc aerospace - IATOM degree is accessible to international students with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent in aerospace, aeronautics, mechanics, computer science.

Last updated Aug 2019

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ENAC was founded in 1949 in Paris-Orly, and moved to Toulouse in 1968. The «Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile» (ENAC)is a unique example: it is the only aviation-oriented university in France and i ... Read More

ENAC was founded in 1949 in Paris-Orly, and moved to Toulouse in 1968. The «Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile» (ENAC)is a unique example: it is the only aviation-oriented university in France and in Europeoffering a wide and complete panel of aeronautics-oriented training programs and activities, serving the aeronautical world, and particularly the air transport sector. Read less