MSc in Integrated Water Resources Management with focus on Middle East and Northern Africa Region


Program Description

MSc in Integrated Water Resources Management

with focus on Middle East and Northern Africa Region
A cooperation between University of Jordan and TH Köln (University of Applied Sciences)

Current global trends such as population and economic growth as well as climate change exert increasing pressure on water resources worldwide, which are the basis for food production, urban and industrial water supplies and hydropower. Experts are needed who understand that multiple problems of water resources management can only be addressed through a holistic approach considering both technical and socioeconomic problems of resources use. These experts should also have knowledge of the practices of project funding and international cooperation.

For bilateral projects between Germany and Arab countries, there is a need for experts being familiar with the culture, language, and politics of both sides and are skilled in intercultural communication.
The MSc »IWRM« has the objective to form such experts and to promote the concept of IWRM in the context of German-Arab cooperation.

What do we offer?

  • courses and technical field visits on the latest concepts and technologies of water management.
  • living and learning in an Arab country and in Germany.
  • getting first-hand advice from high-level professionals and entrepreneurs in the Arab and German water sector.
  • training on project management and leadership qualifications.
  • information on practice and projects of international cooperation.
  • scholarships.

What do we expect?

In order to participate, you should:

  • be highly motivated to learn and work in a bicultural (German-Arab) environment.
  • have a professional or academic background related to the water sector.
  • be fluent in English (TOEFL 550 point or IELTS Band 6).
  • be willing to take up leadership positions in the future.

What are your perspectives?

  • excellent career opportunities in international cooperation and development assistance.
  • working for Arab or German companies in the expanding business sector “water management”.
  • leadership positions in the public and private water sector.
  • become part of a German-Arab network of excellence on IWRM.



The overall objective is to educate experts in the field of Integrated Water Resource Management who are high on demand for leading positions in the water sector and are able to manage complex projects for international institutions and companies operating in the Arabic region.

Target group

The ideal student holds at minimum a bachelor degree and has some working experience at an institution or company in the water sector. He or she should be fluent in English and have good communicative skills. In addition, participants should be highly motivated to contribute to solving the water crisis and to the development in the Arab region in general. Furthermore, the participants should aspire to make a career in the international water sector. The participants may come from a variety of backgrounds: engineering, natural sciences, economics, social sciences.

Teaching contents and aims

The studies cover a period of four semesters. The first and second semester take place in Cologne, the third semester in Amman. The fourth semester is dedicated to the master thesis. The didactic concept consists of two components: a technical and a social. The technical component provides the participants with the relevant and up to date knowledge necessary to take decisions towards a sustainable management of water resources. The social component is equally important and aims at equipping the participants with the communicative, intercultural and managerial skills necessary to take up leadership positions in the water sector and to work effectively in the framework of international cooperation. In class, modern methods of teaching should be applied such as problem-based learning, interactive teaching, concept mapping and computer-based learning.


The participants receive a joint degree Master of Science »Integrated Water Resources Management«, issued by the Cologne University of Applied Sciences and the University of Jordan.


Interested persons may apply for one of the restricted number of scholarships. Selected participants from Germany may receive a scholarship during their stay in Arab countries. Selected participants from Arab and DAC-list countries may receive a scholarship during the full length of the course.


The studies cover a period of four semesters. The first and second semester take place in Cologne, the third semester in Amman. The fourth semester is dedicated to the master thesis.

The program consists of basic modules, like “Management of Natural Resources Systems”, “Natural Resources Economics and Governance”, ”International Cooperation and Development” and “Project and Business Management” with the aim of providing an overview on water management, economics, project management and the regional and institutional context. In addition, the participants select ten specialized electives related to topics of water management emphasizing the particular situation and experiences in the German or Arab region.

The fourth semester will focus on the preparation of the master thesis. Internships and research stays predominantly in an Arab country, if possible together with a local institution or company, guarantee the practical orientation of the master research. Arab students should have the opportunity to realize their research in Germany if funding is secured. Tutors pay particular attention that the knowledge acquired in the first three semesters is applied in the individual projects.

Field visits
Field visits play an important role as the exposure to real projects and to relevant institutions is of the highest importance in order to meet the objectives of the master program.

In the module “Project I – III” students will have the chance to apply the new knowledge received in the basic or specialized modules to an interdisciplinary case study.

The participants should come from diverse technical or managerial backgrounds. The team projects should be related to real projects visited during the field trips or to projects suggested by other partners of the network.


The application deadline is determined by your situation and requirements.

  • Apply for DAAD scholarships (only DAC-List countries)
    • Deadline: 30.09. every year to start studying the following year.
    • Applications should be submitted as hard copy to ITT (read more)
  • Foreign applications for the same year
    • Application Period: from 01.02 until 31.03 each year
    • Applications should be submitted as digital copy to ITT
  • German applications for the same year
    • Application Period: from 01.05 until 10.06 each year
    • Applications should be submitted as digital copy to ITT

Please follow the instruction in the respective online application platform.

The following application documents must be submitted in digital form. Please provide the digital application as one pdf-file and organize the documents in the following order:

  1. Application Form.
  2. curriculum vitae (in tabular form, English language).
  3. document proving the higher education entrance qualification.
  4. graduation certificate.
  5. the academic record of university study.
  6. proof of English proficiency.
  7. a letter of motivation explaining why he/she would like to study in the program (1 page).
  8. a research idea related to the master program (2 pages).
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