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Program Description

MSc in Games

The two-year MSc programme in Games provides you with technical and social science knowledge on how computer games work, how they are designed and how they have a social impact on us. You will work with some of the world’s leading games researchers, and you will have the opportunity to become a computer games expert yourself.

The Programme
Computer games can be a form of communication, a learning tool, a means of social interaction and a rehabilitation aid. The Games programme will give you insight into the medium and you will have the opportunity to create the computer games of the future yourself.

The MSc in Games deals with computer games both on a theoretical and a practical level. You will study the cultural significance of computer games, how to contribute to the development of a computer game and how to adapt the commercial potential of games to other communication and media domains.

The programme has an international perspective and is therefore taught in English.

Programme Structure
You can choose between two tracks, each with focus on their own subject.

  • Game Design and Theory
  • Game Technology

Game Design and Theory
The design and theory track allow you to specialise in either the field of game design or within the theory and analysis of gaming. The first semester's curriculum is the same regardless of the specialisation you want, and on the second semester, the specialisation begins.
When you graduate as a game designer, you will to able to invent ideas and manuscripts, design rules and develop user interfaces for different types of games. In addition to the theoretical and methodical foundation, you will gain solid practical experience with project management. You will learn to carry out analyses and user tests to develop games that meet users’ demands and needs, and you will be able to transform your ideas into fully fledged, functional products.
If you choose the theoretical and analytical specialisation you will have insight into the game production and the impact of games as cultural objects on society and people. You will be able to transform your theoretical knowledge into concrete objectives in the industry. This track of game analysis is a theoretically founded track which requires great analytical skill.

Game Technology
Do you have programming experience and do you want to join in creating the game technologies of the future? The Game Technology track provides you with a solid theoretical background and practical experience with programming and game technologies.

Career Prospects
The competencies you have acquired during your MSc in Games will enable you to seek an international career within the gaming industry. Upon completion of your Master's education, you will have the attained qualifications that allow you to work across a broad spectrum of the industry. For example as:

  • Project manager
  • Level designer
  • Game director
  • QA-manager

Your profile is also targeted suited to a wide range of jobs in software houses, consultancies and public institutions as well as entrepreneurship.

Admission Requirements
To apply for admission to the IT University’s MSc programme you are required to have:

  • A university or professional bachelor’s degree, or corresponding degree.
  • If applying to the academic track Game Technology, your educational background must be in computer science or corresponding.
  • English corresponding to the Danish B-level

Tuition fees
EU/EEA citizens are not to pay any tuition fees (including citizens of the Nordic countries). Non-EU/EEA citizens are to pay tuition fees.

The IT University of Copenhagen offers state scholarships to three or four exceptionally talented MSc applicants (full-degree students) from outside EU and EEA every year. The scholarships will be offered to the applicants who achieve the best scores according to the criteria in our admission rules. The state scholarships consist of free tuition and partly covering of living expenses. Applicants cannot apply for the scholarships. The IT University considers all admitted MSc students for the scholarships and informs the students chosen for the scholarships in their letter of admission.

Last updated Feb 2018

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