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Program Description

The MSc in Finance offers both substantial theoretical knowledge and global practical applications that will give you the ability to work anywhere in the world. Learn from academic and professional experts, increase your earnings potential, and open doors to a wide range of career opportunities.

Design your won professional pathway by choosing your preferred field of interest among 4 advanced specializations.


Professional Experience - Mandatory

At the end of their courses, students will have to find & complete a 4 to 6-month professional project, in France or abroad, providing them with the ability to apply learned concepts and skills.

Business Projects (21 ECTS)

  • | Entrepreneurial project* 
  • | StratMe’Up** 

Seminars, workshops & meetings

Students will have the chance to participate in different seminars, workshops, and meetings with professionals. Our career center and alumni network are also providing students with a full range of workshops and tools to enhance their careers and prepare them in seeking the right career opportunities.

* Entrepreneurial Project

The objective of this project is to create a new and innovative company. Students will be asked to pitch their projects to an academic panel and to potential investors.

** Stratme'UP

An immersion of students in the consulting industry by developing a strategic diagnosis of a real business. The MSc students are coached by experimented professionals.

Specialization | Advanced Finance (15 ECTs)

This specialization is an advanced program built to sharpen your expertise in finance and business analytics. You will learn tools and know-how to assess companies and investments, and to evaluate financial strategies and corporate finance decisions.

By choosing this specialization you will

  • Master the dynamics of the main financial decisions: capital budgeting, M&As, IPOs, investment decisions in financial markets.
  • Analyze and prepare financial statements.
  • Perform risk hedging processes and portfolio optimization techniques.

Specialty courses

  • Topics on valuation, M&A, LBO
  • Introduction to big data & business analytics
  • Finance simulation
  • International finance
  • The economic environment for business

Career opportunities

  • Financial analyst
  • Commercial banking
  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio manager 
  • Private equity fund manager
  • Credit manager
  • Treasurer
  • Cash management consultant
  • Investment manager
  • Private equity analyst
  • Risk management analyst

Specialization | Energy, and Environmental Finance (15 ECTs)

This specialization helps you to develop a specific focus on the practical aspects of energy environmental financial markets, encouraging you to develop creative, entrepreneurial, and analytical approaches to frame issues in the energy-environment sphere.

By choosing this specialization you will

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the economic and financial processes and procedures associated with the energy and environmental markets sector.
  • Develop your professional and personal knowledge necessary for a career in the energy, financial energy, renewable energy, and broader environmental markets.

Specialty courses

  • The Solar photovoltaic economy
  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Energy economics
  • Energy and environmental issues: global sustainability, energy transition(s) & emerging markets
  • Ethics, responsible development & regulation
  • Commodity markets & investment strategies

Career opportunities

  •  Energy investment analyst, financial analysts, energy traders
  • Banking industry (energy and power departments, etc.)
  • Careers in renewable energies
  • Energy specialist/blogger/expert
  • Energy consultants
  • Business developer
  • Careers in research and/or academia (including Ph.D., DBAs opportunities, etc.)

Specialization | Responsible Finance: Financial Inclusion, Microfinance, and Social Innovation (15 ECTs)

This specialization aspires to build a new generation of managers, willing to develop innovative solutions to promote responsible finance and financial inclusion worldwide.

By choosing this specialization you will

  • Familiarise with social business models in both developed and developing countries.
  • Investigate alternative banking solutions aiming at financial inclusion and poverty alleviation.
  • Be aware of societal issues and willing to generate a positive impact, regardless of their activity.
  • Address the complexities of responsible investment and financial decisions in organizations.

Specialty courses

  • Entrepreneurial finance
  • Ethics, responsible development, and regulation
  • Responsible investments
  • Social & cooperative banking
  • Microfinance

Career opportunities

  • Social & financial rating companies
  • International and national NGOs such as a positive planet, ADA, BRS
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Social investment funds
  • Social finance departments of mainstream banks, social enterprises, European institutions

Specialization | Innovative Finance: Fintech, Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies (15 ECTs)

This specialization provides you with relevant and non-overly technical aspects of computer science, economics, banking, finance, and law. It benefits from applied theoretical and practical contributions, facilitated by both seasoned professionals and internationally recognized academics.

By choosing this specialization you will

  •  Develop general finance skills.
  • Explore the different ways to transpose this knowledge and expertise to the financial and banking industry.
  • Gain relevant specialization in Innovative finance.

Specialty courses

  •  Entrepreneurial finance
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies: bitcoins and ethereum
  • Ethics, data protection, and regulation
  • Banking in the era of fintech
  • Disruptive models fintech & assurtech
  • Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, and initial coin offering

Career opportunities

  •  Investment analyst
  • Banking industry
  • Careers in Bitcoins and Ethereum
  • Digital currencies expert
  • Financial innovations consultants
  • Business
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Montpellier Business School, a Grande Ecole, is heir to a long tradition of teaching based on the needs of businesses and markets. Founded in 1897 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Montpellier, the school has succeeded in continually refining its specialized teaching in management science to adapt its courses to constant changes in local and global economic environments. Read less