MSc in Engineering - Product Development and Innovation


Program Description

MSc in Engineering (Product Development and Innovation, PDI) is an interdisciplinary study program with special emphasis on the interaction of technology and social sciences with the surrounding world.

With a degree in PDI, you will become an idea generator and product developer with comprehensive engineering knowledge and business acumen. As a student, you gain fundamental knowledge about the development of products and processes. The Master study program integrates scientific analytical skills in design engineering, technology management courses in product development and innovation processes.

Transverse Business Development

As an MSc in Engineering (Product Development and Innovation) you will learn business development across a company's different professional units. You can develop products, study the market, and assess the product's market potential. We prioritize a creative approach and business understanding combined with traditional engineering skills.

Project and research-based learning environment

You will be part of a study-based and collaborative learning environment where you work in project groups. You and your fellow students are responsible for planning and carrying out projects within the allotted time. Projects typically come from companies and we emphasize the importance of solving problems from 'real-life'.

Program structure

The master's program is a two-year program on top of a relevant bachelor's degree.

In the program, you will specialize in Product Development and Innovation based on new research in design, innovation, and technological development. The focus will for example be on new sustainable materials that can change our way of manufacturing products and contribute to more sustainable development by incorporating a circular economy at the early stages of innovation.

In the graduate studies, we also study how new technologies, for example, digital technologies and Industry 4.0, change our way of thinking about products and providing services. This will pave the way for new business models.

Career opportunities

Master of Science in Engineering (Product Development and Innovation) is a graduate engineering program, which combines engineering with social science. A strong engineering background with real integration of marketing, management, and business development aspects linking up to an assessment of new technologies creates a perfect background for educating project managers, who can take care of a part of or the entire product development process.

Product Development and Innovation (PDI) graduates are qualified to obtain jobs within three main directions:

  • Management of cross-functional projects in globally distributed networks requiring technical knowledge and analytical skills as well as a managerial approach to complex problems and structures.
  • Development of business opportunities as entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs based on competencies within a particular specialization.
  • Academia as either a Ph.D. or an industrial Ph.D. and further career opportunities at the university as a researcher. 

The profile more specifically qualifies graduates to:

  • Obtain jobs in the area of integrated product development and design.
  • Design-led engineer: creating value in products and services, where unique features are integrated into the products based on user-experience based design.
  • Take on Product Management jobs, where technical knowledge, organizational understanding, and competencies in marketing are needed at a high international level
  • Take on Project Management jobs, where design engineering may be done in distributed team or production networks.
  • Running technology-intensive innovation processes as an intrapreneur
  • An entrepreneur starting new ventures based on the discovery of new business opportunities in a local or global technology-driven market place.

Last updated Aug 2020

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