MSc in Engineering - Engineering, Innovation and Business


Program Description

Innovation is only truly fun when it can turn the bottom line from red to black. To do that, you need the idea and product developers with substantial knowledge of and understanding of engineering as well as business. With a master of science in engineering degree in Engineering, Innovation, and Business you become an expert in new ideas and in carrying these ideas all the way to the production line.

First job guarantee

As an engineering student at SDU Sønderborg, you are guaranteed your first job when you finish your MSc studies (applies for students starting from September 2020).

This study program will provide you with skills that are in high demand in the industry. At the same time, the program provides you with relevant competencies if you as an entrepreneur want to start your own company.

You will acquire basic competencies in product development – while at the same time specializing in a more narrow subject field. In addition to engineering-related subjects, the study program will focus on creativity and business understanding.

This is an international study program and all classes will be taught in English.

At the master program you will work with, for example:

  • Innovation management and scientific methods
  • Entrepreneurship and project management
  • Design and creativity
  • Company administration and management
  • Development of mechatronic products
  • Development and manufacturing of mechanical products
  • Development of intelligent electronic products

Program structure

With a master's degree in Engineering, Innovation, and Business you will learn about innovation management, mechatronics (mechanics, electronics, software) development, sustainable production, and business development.

This is a two-year master's program on top of a three-year bachelor program. To study a master's program in Engineering, Innovation, and Business you must have a relevant bachelor's degree.

During your studies, you will often work on different projects together with your fellow students. The study environment is very international and you will learn to deal with cultural diversity and exploit the advantages of intercultural teamwork. You will work on projects defined by industry and learn to apply your theoretical knowledge when solving practical problems.

Among other things, you could consider Market possibilities within variously defined areas and how to implement a good product into that market.

Alternatively, you and your group could come up with a good product idea, examine the market possibilities, and how and where to produce it. Following, the task will be simply to find the capital to develop the product and the production facilities and push on with the product.

You are able to have two years to develop a product fully into a business of which you will be co-owners by the end of your studies. Academic forces available at the Mads Clausen Institute will of course help with the implementation and investors or companies may contribute as well. You may alternatively choose to use a semester on an internship in the industry to apply your innovation, technology, and business skills.

You are able to upgrade your academic profile with courses that are relevant to a specific product or business segment according to your personal interests.

Career opportunities

With a degree in Engineering, Innovation, and Business you will be qualified for jobs as, for example:

  • Development engineer
  • Product developer
  • Project manager
  • Manager of technological departments
  • International product manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Strategic procurement engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Consultant
  • Teacher
  • Researcher

Whether you want a career as self-employed or as a manager in public or private companies this degree will provide a good foundation for your future career.

You could, for example, work in the discovery and research of new ideas for planning, management, and realization of business concepts in Danish and international companies.

The program also prepares you for setting up and running your own company.

With this program, you are qualified for a job in Denmark or abroad and for studies at the Ph.D. level.

Last updated Oct 2020

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