The MSc in Economics (ME) is an advanced program offered by the Faculty of Economics at the Università della Svizzera italiana.

The goal of the Master is to teach students how to analyze economic problems at the national as well as international level and how to identify the most appropriate policy instruments. In a cordial environment and in close interaction with the Faculty, the students will be equipped with the quantitative methods and the analytical tools necessary for a successful career as a professional economist with a strong policy orientation. The master will also drive interested students into a Ph.D. program.

Why ME?

  • Program entirely taught in English, with a strong international orientation.
  • International Faculty from USI and abroad.
  • Guest lectures from leading practitioners.
  • Opportunities for short-term research assistant positions for selected students.
  • Excellent professor-to-student ratio.

Goals and Contents

The Master of Science in Economics (ME) prepares professional economists with a policy orientation, with an eye to the skills required to be employed in national and international policy and research institutions, including central banks, development banks, economics and statistics research offices but also in high ranks of the public administration. Due to the skills acquired during the master, the ME is also a pathway to higher studies in Economics and Economic Policy.

The Master offers knowledge in various fields of applied economics combined with a sound background in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. To understand, evaluate and propose economic policy instruments in the current world with all its global challenges, the teaching methodology is to combine economic theory with relevant real-world applications of today.

Study Programme

The programme is taught entirely in English and has a strong international orientation. The first year offers all the core courses together with some specialized courses. The second year offers a variety of elective courses, and the possibility of doing an internship (either at a private, or a research institution). Together with the final master thesis (which is written in the last semester), the students will have received the necessary training to undertake an independent analysis of many economic problems. The standard duration of the Master in Economics is 3 semesters (leading to 90 credits). However, students who wish to amplify their training, have the option of earning additional 30 credits in the form of electives, to be taken either at USI or our international and national partner universities (leading to a master degree with 120 credits).

Career Prospects

The Master in Economics provides the foundations for a successful career as an applied economist. Due to the rigorous coursework in microeconomics, econometrics and macroeconomics, combined with knowledge in more specialized areas, national as well as international organizations alike will have a strong interest in hiring ME-students. Next to the possibilities offered by the private/public sector, the students are well prepared for a continuing education in form of a Ph.D.

Program taught in:

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Last updated March 27, 2019
This course is Campus based
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3 semesters
12,000 CHF
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April 30 2018 for students who need a visa; June 30, 2018 for other students.
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April 30 2018 for students who need a visa; June 30, 2018 for other students.
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April 30 2018 for students who need a visa; June 30, 2018 for other students.
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