MSc in Econometrics and Management Science – Specialisation Econometrics


Program Description

Would you like to acquire the skills to be able to use advanced econometrics to model real-life issues? Whether you wish to examine if increasing speeding penalties will lead to less offences, estimate the probability of a total failure of the Dutch power network or determine customer life-time value for a big corporation, this programme will help you to do so. It will not only provide you with in-depth knowledge of econometric theory, but will also perfect your skills to use advanced quantitative methods and techniques, perform empirical econometric analysis and develop and apply new models.

Is this the right choice for you?

Financial firms, statistical offices and international governmental organisations successfully apply econometric models and methods on a daily basis. Econometrics is paramount for decision-making in business and economics today. Do you already have a strong background in mathematics, statistics and econometrics and would you like to take it further? With the Econometrics programme, you can.

The following traits will stand you in good stead to be successful in the Econometrics programme:

  • You have a strong background in mathematics, statistics, and econometrics
  • Working on relevant (economic) problems, both individually and in a team, appeals to you.
  • You have experience with programming.
  • Working in English poses no serious problems for you.

Why study Econometrics in Rotterdam?

If you want to extend your econometric knowledge beyond linear regression, instrument variable regression, limited dependent variables models and time series analysis, then Erasmus School of Economics is where you want to be. We offer a high-quality advanced curriculum that combines advanced theory with extensive case-based training.

Study the Econometrics programme at Erasmus School of Economics for:

  • Advanced knowledge of econometric theory and quantitative methods
  • The skills to apply advanced techniques to complex real-life problems
  • Solid training in computer programme-based execution and implementation
  • A practice-based programme brought by the Econometric Institute
  • High-quality academic training in an international classroom.
Last updated November 2018

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