Everybody wants it. Corporations, governments, startups and small businesses crave the insights buried beneath mountains of big data. But they are realizing they need specially trained and highly skilled people who can turn endless streams of data into business intelligence.

Clarkson will make you a master of data analytics and the demand for your knowledge and ability will make your career opportunities almost limitless.

This is the Degree That Changes Everything

Big Data is everywhere. Making sense of it all demands a multi-dimensional, cross-disciplinary approach. Clarkson’s custom-developed program blends business, mathematics, and computer science to deliver an unmatched comprehensive, industry-ready data analytics skillset.

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Turn big data into smart data
  • Improve operations efficiency: Reduce fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Understand the factors that turn consumers into customers

No matter your academic or professional background, you can get the analytical skills and learn the critical methodology to make the most of big data. (If you need or want to take prerequisite courses, Clarkson makes them available on campus or online in summer, before the first semester starts.)

Use knowledge-discovery skills and information visualization to mine data, formulate predictive models, interpret findings and articulate the value of data.



Just a Single School Year + A Sponsored Summer Internship

It will fly by, but in one academic year, you’ll take 33 credits to complete your MS in Data Analytics in Clarkson’s residential-based program in Potsdam.


Complete in as early as a single year + A Sponsored Internship

As an online student, you can set the pace based on your career and personal goals. The time will fly by, but in as little as one academic year, you’ll take 33 credits to complete your MS in Data Analytics in Clarkson’s online program.

For your capstone project, you’ll work on a sponsored project that put your skills to use on initiatives for several partner companies or data-driven projects for non-profits.

Start next semester to begin the foundation of a wildly successful career.

Go Where the Data Leads

  • Pharma
  • Entertainment Industries
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Hi-Tech
  • Engineering Firms
  • Fortune 500s
  • Fast Growing Startups
  • Anywhere

With a Clarkson master’s, you’ll have highly valuable knowledge at the intersection of science, business, and engineering. You’ll be prepared for virtually any industry.


The 33 credits of the MS degree program consist of five three-credit core graduate courses, four three‐credit graduate elective courses, and a six-credit capstone course based on a sponsored project work. The core courses are:

  • IA 510 – Database Modeling, Design, and Implementation
  • IA 520 – Optimization Methods for Analytics
  • IA 530 – Probability and Statistics for Analytics
  • IA 640 – Information Visualization
  • IA 650 – Data Mining

Some of the core courses may be waived if the students can demonstrate that their previous undergraduate or graduate coursework contains equivalent material. In those cases, students will be required to take a greater number of elective courses to satisfy the 33-credit program requirement.

Elective courses are offered in a variety of areas and they include but are not limited to the following:

  • IA 605 – Data Warehousing
  • IA 505 – Tabular Data Analytics
  • IA 630 – Modeling for Insight (pre-requisite: Tabular Data Analytics)
  • IA 670 – Geospatial Systems
  • CS 549 – Computational/Machine Learning
  • CS 551 – Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 559 – Human-Computer Interaction
  • EC 611- Econometrics
  • EE 501 – Digital Signal processing
  • ES 505 – Design of Experiments and Analysis of Data
  • EE 574 – Pattern Recognition
  • ME 529, Stochastic Processes for Engineers
  • OM 680 – Strategic Project Management
  • EC 611 – Econometrics
  • MK 696 – Marketing Research Methods
  • IA690 – Capstone Project
Program taught in:
  • English

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