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Program Description

Our MSc Cyberpsychology degree will provide you with the opportunity to develop the relevant academic and professional skills to commence a successful career in Cyberpsychology, the psychological study of the Internet and digital technologies. Experts in the areas of Cyberpsychology, Internet and technology will deliver the course.

The course is designed for both psychology graduates and graduates of other related disciplines, for example, media or IT. It may be of interest if you are seeking to pursue a career in Cyberpsychology, either in any organisation that uses any form of cyberpsychology (i.e. has a web-presence) or in research or academia.

Students will gain invaluable first-hand practical experience through completion of eight weeks of work-based learning as a cyberpsychologist in a cyber-industry or other professional workplace. You will also benefit from careers advice and mentoring throughout the course. This degree is available as both a full-time and a part-time option.

Why choose the MSc Cyberpsychology?

This course will provide you with the foundations for the next stage of your academic and professional development, and a solid framework for a professional career in cyberpsychology or allied professions.

You’ll develop your knowledge of cyberpsychology theory and practice, and explore the ethical, cultural, political and legal issues arising in cyberpsychological practice and research. You’ll also be able to gain valuable real-life experience as a cyberpsychology practitioner through a work-based learning opportunity, and will complete a research project on a cyberpsychology theme of your choice.

A supportive and active research environment

Throughout the course, you'll benefit from research-informed teaching. Find out more about our psychology research.

Psychology at NTU has an established international research reputation and is one of the top risers in the REF 2014 research rankings. The 2014 Assessment also showed:

  • 100% of our research impact is internationally excellent with 73% described as world-leading.
  • Our research impact and output is the highest of any UK psychology department with an equivalent research environment.
  • 60% of our research outputs were considered to be internationally excellent or world leading in REF 2014.


Throughout the course, you'll receive one-to-one careers support and mentoring. The course team currently have links to various organisations such as the National Video Game Arcade, Confetti Media Group, ICN, Holovis International, Fuzzy Frog, British Aerospace and Marconi Electronic Systems, Redsock, Esendex, and Boom Online.

As a graduate of MSc Cyberpsychology, you'll be able to critically appraise and apply key features of cyberpsychology research and practice. Awareness of your own experiences and characteristics will inform your knowledge and skills surrounding cyberpsychology science and practice, and your work-based learning experience in a cyberpsychology setting will be a foundation for the development of core employability skills, including team-working and effective communication.

As the MSc Cyberpsychology is highly multidisciplinary, it opens up a wide range of career options because it is applicable and relevant to any organisation with an online presence. Areas which graduates may work in could include:

  • gaming.
  • social networking.
  • online dating websites.
  • usability testing.
  • consulting media industries.
  • cybersecurity.
  • virtual reality.
  • mobile apps.
  • online.
  • design.
  • online marketing.
  • online retail.
  • journalism.
  • research.
  • education.
  • healthcare.


Entry Requirements

  • You will need an undergraduate degree (minimum 2.2) in Psychology or an allied discipline such as social science, nursing, health-related practice, or law or other recognised equivalent qualification.
  • Applicants without such qualifications will be considered on an individual basis but will be required to demonstrate how their experiences and knowledge and /or their professional qualifications (such as RMN, RN) would enable them to study this course at Masters Level in their Personal Statement.
  • The application form requires a written statement in which you should outline the reasons for wishing to undertake the MSc Cyberpsychology. We will be looking to ensure that you have a sound rationale for joining the course based on a realistic appreciation of the materials to be studied and the related practice areas. Appropriate theoretical knowledge, work experience or an interest in working in the area of cyberpsychology will be considered advantageous, alongside personal attributes, such as interest in technology and good communication skills, which are essential for a career in Cyberpsychology.
  • Applicants who are successful, following assessment of their application form by the course team, will be invited to an interview with members of the course team. This may involve completion of psychometric tests, a problem-based task, and/or group work.
  • English language entry requirements contact us for more information.

Fees and funding

For more information about fees and possible funding opportunities visit

Last updated May 2019

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