Business has become increasingly international in character in recent decades, and international commerce now accounts for a large and growing proportion of overall commercial activity. An increasing number of companies, small, medium-sized and large, are now affected by international events and competition. This is a development that demands knowledge and professional expertise in the field of international business and marketing.

This one-year programme aims to give you the competencies and skills necessary for working with international business and marketing in a broad range of multinational and national companies, both in Sweden and abroad.

The programme emphasizes the importance of marketing and internationalization for different types of organizations and includes advanced courses in transactional and relationship marketing as well as courses in corporate governance and strategy, which are based on current research and practical case studies. This focus on both research and practice creates opportunities for you to work in both industry and academia.

The programme concludes with a thesis project, which aims to develop and strengthen your ability to analytically and critically reflect and solve problems related to international business and marketing.

In the multicultural learning environment provided by this programme, students will be prepared for work in international teams. Graduates can expect to find employment in any number of industries and professional organizations, ranging from multinational companies to small and medium-sized enterprises.

The studies are full-time for one year.

Overall educational goals

The MSc in Business Administration specialising in International Business and Marketing provides a general academic training in which the knowledge, skills and approaches acquired can be used in many different professions. In addition to broad training in business administration and specialisation in international business and marketing, students will acquire the ability to review current research in order to independently develop and extend their knowledge and participate in research. The programme provides opportunities for advanced practical applications within the areas of international business and marketing.

The programme includes a work placement comprising 7.5 credits. All or parts of the programme may be taught in English.

Degree goals

Knowledge and understanding

For a Degree of Master of Science (60 credits) in Business Administration specialising in International Business and Marketing, the student shall

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the research field of business administration, including both an overview of the field and specialised knowledge in international business and marketing as well as insight into current research and development work
  • demonstrate specialised methodological knowledge in business administration research, including both qualitative and quantitative methodology

Competence and skills

For a Degree of Master of Science (60 credits) in Business Administration specialising in International Business and Marketing, the student shall

  • be able to search for, collect and critically review relevant research in business administration
  • demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge in business administration and analyse, assess and deal with complex phenomena and issues and the ability to apply his or her knowledge within the field of international business and marketing
  • demonstrate the ability to identify and formulate business administration issues autonomously, find support for them in research and select an appropriate method, as well as to plan and undertake advanced tasks within predetermined time frames
  • demonstrate the ability in speech and writing to report and discuss his or her and others’ research in dialogue with different audiences and to adapt the presentation to the interests and situations of the relevant target groups
  • demonstrate the skills required for participation in research and development work or employment in some other qualified capacity

Judgement and approach

For a Degree of Master of Science (60 credits) in Business Administration specialising in International Business and Marketing, the student shall

  • demonstrate the ability to make assessments in business administration informed by relevant disciplinary, social and ethical issues and also to demonstrate awareness of ethical aspects of research and development work
  • demonstrate insight into the possibilities and limitations of research, its role in society and the responsibility of the individual for how it is used
  • demonstrate the ability to identify the personal need for further knowledge and take responsibility for his or her ongoing learning

Structure and content

The first semester consists of courses in business administration:

  • Corporate Governance, 7.5 credits
  • Marketing Perspectives I, 7.5 credits
  • Marketing Perspectives II, 7.5 credits
  • Corporate Governance, 7.5 credits

The second semester entails further specialisation in business administration:

  • Specialisation and Work Placement, 15 credits
  • Master’s Thesis in International Business and Marketing, 15 credits

The programme is structured so that the students first acquire specialised knowledge of business administration focusing on international business and marketing and then further specialise in the focus area by applying their knowledge in an analysis of a number of organisations in the context of a work placement. The final step consists of a degree project in which the student, supported by supervision, identifies and investigates a research issue in international business and marketing.

Work placements within the programmes in business at Kristianstad University take place in close collaboration with business and industry and public administration. Students are placed in a private or public organisation for periods of 1–3 days a week and may engage in, for example, analysis of the relevant organisation with the help of business administration tools or field observation aiming to collect data that can be used, together with suitable texts, for independent projects at different levels. The Kristianstad University model for work placements provides for clear interaction between research, education and working life. More information is available in the syllabi for courses including work placements.

Entry requirements and selection

Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics with the equivalence of 180 credits and at least 15 credits in intermediate international business and marketing or equivalent.

Selection: Higher education credits in subject.

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