MSc in Biotechnology


Program Description

Biotechnology is a field of study that combines technological competence with the ability to use living organisms in animal and plant production, environmental protection, food processing and production, biomaterials generation and many other domains. During your studies, you will acquire extensive knowledge and skills in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, environmental protection, genetic engineering and many other technical and natural fields. We guarantee that you will spend a lot of time in the laboratories, not only in the course of the teaching classes but also on carrying out your own projects, i.e. getting to know the practical side of your future profession.

After graduation, you will be able to describe and explain complex biotechnology processes, you will have knowledge helpful in developing and optimizing biotechnological processes and their conditions. You will acquire information about cellular engineering, genetic modification of organisms and its importance for humans and the natural environment. You will learn the techniques used in the analysis and modification of nucleic acids and proteomics. You will understand the principles of modern breeding and the role of biotechnology in its improvement.

The graduate is given the opportunity to develop professionally in the field of biotechnology as applied in international or foreign companies, corporations or institutions. The graduate is able to conduct processes aimed at obtaining products with desirable characteristics and to carry out research related to the protection of the natural environment. The graduate can apply basic and advanced analytical and research equipment as well as technological devices in accordance with the principles of safety and ergonomics of work in the laboratory. They are able to plan and carry out independently biotechnological research, including innovative research useful in the development of many branches of industry and agriculture, as well as to interpret the results obtained. The graduate knows how to apply properly statistical methods used in biotechnology, as well as modern computer programs used in modeling, bioinformatic analyses, and data processing. They know the ethical, bioethical and legal conditions as well as those with regard to the implementation of biotechnological processes. They have knowledge about the principles of intellectual property protection. The graduate has a thorough professional knowledge and skills as well as competences necessary to perform professional work related to biotechnology.

The graduates are prepared to work in entities, dealing with biotechnological processes used in animal production and environmental shaping, as well as, in entities related to the agri-food industry. In addition, they are prepared to work in state administration entities as well as research and development units dealing with biotechnological and related industries as well as in research, control and diagnostic laboratories.

Enrollment Principles

The enrolment in the studies at the West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin is held twice a year:

  • Summer enrolment (May - July) - for studies, starting from the winter semester.
  • Winter enrolment (January - February) - for studies, starting from the summer semester (only applies to second-degree studies).

Candidates for the second-degree studies are qualified on the basis of the graduation degree of university education.

Enrolment in studies consists of several stages:

  1. Registration in the online registration platform.
  2. Initial verification of supporting documents to confirm previous education.
  3. Submission of a set of required documents.
  4. Confirmation of the results of the qualification.

Online registration

The Online Registration Platform (ISR) is the first and necessary element of enrolment in higher education studies. Each candidate is required to register with the ISR in accordance with the schedule published for a given enrolment.

In the ISR, candidates fill in the information on:

  • Personal data.
  • School documents (secondary school leaving certificates, degrees, etc.) along with the grades being supplemented.

Language requirements

  • For the programs taught in English, the candidate must present a document, confirming their knowledge of English at a minimum level of B2.
  • Foreign documents about education.
  • Foreign school leaving/degree certificates shall be properly legalized or provided with an apostille.
Last updated Jul 2019

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The West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin is a university linking the long-term tradition of the University of Agriculture in Szczecin and Szczecin University of Technology. Its educational offer and location make it an attractive place of study for ambitious young people ready to invest in their career and willing to build an innovative, knowledge-based society in the future. Read less