MSc in Applied Archaeological Sciences


Program Description

The MSc in Applied Archaeological Sciences is designed in order to provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to students, researchers, managers and leaders of the Cultural Heritage sector. The program is an original combination of modern concept and needs for identification, documentation, maintenance, rescue and diffusion of at risk world heritage. Contemporary approaches which act as catalysts in the preservation and documentation of cultural heritage, that is also relevant to past social and anthropological interpretations through the interdisciplinary approach.

The course includes concrete hands-on field & laboratory interactions, theoretical evaluation & modern digital and other technological tools.

The program isat the level of professional practice, which refers to World examples with case studies from the region of the Eastern Mediterranean & Near-Middle East, includes applications in the society of information technology, educational programs and systems for lifelong learning (education, training, professional development, etc.), by applying the most modern methods and practices in the field of new technologies, management, conservation of archaeological finds, focused in archaeological research, documentation, dissemination, curation, processing of big data; highlighting local, regional and national sustainable development projects and educational processes in the exploitation of cultural assets of ancient civilizations and cultural heritage.


Atheneum Liberal Studies( )

International Delphic Academy( )

Program Director and Coordinator

Program Director is Prof. Ioannis Liritzis (, professor of Archaeometry-Natural Sciences, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece.

Program Coordinator is Prof. Kyriakos Kouveliotis (, professor of Leadership and International Relations Uninettuno University.


The program aims at deepening and interdisciplinary training on issues of Graduate level on four pillars:

·Archaeometry and Archaeological Sciences

·2D & 3D digitization, GIS, Cyber archaeology, photogrammetry, drones image processing, and cultural heritage documentation, learning of software tools

·Conservation of archaeological finds in situ at Archaeological Excavation premises

·Management of Cultural Heritage


The Goal of the program is the postgraduate education in the advanced digital cultural Heritage and in the archaeological sciences and offers basic hands-on experience & training in conducting research and in applications to cultural heritage through science and technology.

The interdisciplinary program is addressed to:

·teachers and education & research professionals,

·executives in organizations and enterprises in the public and private sector involved in archeology, cultural heritage, sustainable development

·scientists / researchers of exact and / or human sciences who use and implement virtual archeology programs, museology, cultural tourism, conservation, digitalization of cultural goods, development of cultural projects with archaeological content for sustainability, as well as, to those that follow with a PhD in a relevant discipline.


Didactic activity takes place through the Internet, in the relevant section of the portal:, the first portal in the world where teaching is delivered in six languages: Italian, English, French, Arabic, Polish and Greek.


Full online + 15 days Delphi Fieldwork + Lab Activities options

Admissions requirements

You will need to have:

·Bachelor degree in natural sciences, humanities, arts and cultural areas from recognized institutions

·English knowledge at least at the European B level.

Language: English or Greek

Last updated Jul 2019

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