MSc communication and industrial psychology


Program Description

Academic degree Master of Science, in short: MSc in Communication and Industrial Psychology
presence Pure distance learning, without attendance (100 percent distance learning). A presence is only required for the oral defense of the master thesis in Vienna
study places 50 students per year
language German
baseline In the winter semester: September 1st
In the summer semester: March 1st
application time
until January 15, 2020
sustainer FHWien the WKW
Title ceremony After oral defense of the written master's thesis, the master's degree is awarded by the FHWien der WKW
study form Distance learning part-time (course for further education according to §9 Austrian federal law on technical college courses)
In co-operation with ALP Akademisches Lehrinstitut für Psychologie GmbH (Lübeck)
registered At the FHWien der WKW
Title recognition MSc (see also government agreement between Germany and Austria)
place award The allocation of places takes place according to the order of the incoming applications taking into account qualitative criteria and a telephone interview
study Distance learning, enrolled as a student at the Vienna University of Applied Sciences.
Oral defense of the master's thesis in:
FHWien the WKW
Waehringer Belt 97
(U6 station Währinger Straße / Volksoper)
1180 Vienna
duration 3 semesters (the reduction from four to three semesters subject to the timely expected approval of the ZfU and the college of FHWien der WKW)
scope 10 - 14 hours a week
Admission requirements

First degree (at least Bachelor) from a recognized Austrian, German or comparable foreign university and at least one year of professional experienceor

Completed, qualified vocational training and at least six years of relevant professional experience - including at least one year with management or project management experience - are regarded as equivalent to the first university degree ( without a first degree / without a bachelor's degree ). Even without a high school diploma or university entrance qualification.

In addition, the following additional qualifications are desired: Knowledge of psychology (e.g. clinical psychology, social psychology, business psychology), leadership, coaching, NLP, systemic counseling, interviewing, psychotherapy or similar.If there is no first university degree, a telephone entrance exam must be taken.

certification This master's program is recognized by the German Central Office for Distance Learning (ZFU) under registration number: 160715 (the reduction from four to three semesters is subject to the timely expected approval of the ZfU and the FHWien college of WKW).
supervisory authority The supervisory authority is the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Science and Equal Opportunities (MSGWG) of the State of Schleswig-Holstein
costs Tuition fee including tuition fee EUR 699.84 per month (exempt from VAT) x 18 months. Please note that there are no travel and accommodation costs, since presences take place exclusively online.

Science for experienced professionals

Holistic, scientifically and practice-oriented, well-founded master's degree for experienced professionals in communication and corporate psychology. For those interested who have extensive professional experience as well as leadership or project management responsibilities in working with people in an economic or social context or in the field of communication.

Expansion of professional competence

Holistic and systematic expansion of existing professional skills and their foundation through the understanding of theoretical, practice-related content and methods with a focus on operational and communication psychological content with modern communication media as distance learning in psychology.

Addition of acquired knowledge

Complementing existing practical knowledge with a scientifically sound basis, in-depth knowledge and psychological and communicative skills. Existing knowledge and skills can be practiced and developed more consciously through scientific foundation, and new perspectives can be created.

Who was this master's program specifically designed for?

Our target group
  • self-employed
  • Employees in companies
Freiberufler- interior
  • trainers
  • coaches
  • speaker
  • therapists
  • mediators
  • consultants
  • Head of Interior
  • Department heads
  • Team leaders
  • Project leaders

care, support

  • HR managers
  • Personal Speakers
  • HR developers
  • Internal social counselors
  • Good Health Indoor
  • BEM-Staff

Corporate communication

  • Head of Communication (internal / external)
  • Intercultural Communication Officer
  • MA press
  • operating

learning concept

High practical relevance Innovative distance learning | Individual and competent student support

The learning concept of the MSc Communication and Industrial Psychology is characterized by its high relation to practical content as well as innovative teaching and learning methods. The design as a pure distance learning means the optimal alignment to the needs of the target group. The combination of guided self-study, individual student support and e-learning units offers students the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime, based on their own professional requirements and needs. The use of modern e-learning components guarantees students interactive learning, the clear presentation and discussion of abstract content. Interactive webinars and discussions in virtual space promote the integration of theoretical foundations and methods into professional practice. The use of a virtual tutorial in the form of an online learning platform enables flexible and network-like knowledge transfer, which can be optimally varied and adapted according to individual learning needs and progress. The provision of the preserves of all interactive live offers such as webinars or online lectures as well as all learning material in electronic form facilitates the knowledge management and asynchronous learning for the students in a learning group with different professional framework conditions and freedom. In addition, this means easier and time-independent documentation and repetition of the course content.


Training priorities:

The content and structure of the master's program support a practice-oriented understanding of communication and industrial psychology in areas currently relevant to the target group. Based on the acquisition of the basics important for this understanding, systematic communication and operational psychological contents and competencies are conveyed, whereby successive modules always make sensible connections to the knowledge acquired in the previous module and can be integrated to understand the subsequent module.

Depending on the professional requirements and areas of responsibility, the students develop a well-founded theoretical basis and skills in the areas of communication and operation.


In terms of content, the 1.5-year master's program is based on the following four weighted priorities:

  • Basics
    • Basics of scientific work
    • Basics of work, operational and communication psychology
  • Individual and communication
  • social Psychology
  • Communication and conflict
  • Individual, health and business
  • Personnel psychology and management
  • Corporate Health Management
  • engineering Psychology
  • Progress, change and corporate culture
  • Psychological management and development of companies
  • media communication
  • Intercultural communication

Would you like to apply?

Send in your application

Apply electronically using the application form. In the applicant checklist, you can determine which documents are required for a complete application.
But before doing so, please read the information about distance learning in peace and quiet and estimate whether you can and want to invest approx. 10 - 14 hours a week. There will be exciting and relaxing phases, but also phases that are sometimes exhausting. Think about what your personal motivation is. You should be able to formulate it very clearly for yourself.

Check your documents

After we receive your application documents, we, the ALP team, look through them and send recommendations for admission to FHWien der WKW. This decides whether and who is admitted and informs us of your decision. We will then send you the decision of FHWien der WKW.


As soon as you have received an acceptance letter, you can conclude the student contract with us. The study places are allocated in the order of the incoming registrations according to the admission confirmation. As soon as you have sent the signed study contract to us and there is still a place available (limited to 50 places), you will get the signed contract back. Your place of study is now secured. At the beginning of your studies you are enrolled as a student at FHWien der WKW and are a student at this innovative Austrian university of applied sciences.

Last updated Jan 2020

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