MSc Violence, Conflict & Development (Palestine Pathway)

Duration: One calendar year (full-time). Two years(part-time, daytime only) We recommend that part-time students have between two and a half and three days free in the week to pursue their course of study.

Minimum Entry Requirements: Minimum upper second class honours degree (or equivalent). Relevant work experience may also be considered.

Start of programme: September intake only

Who is this programme for?

Applicants apply for the MSc Violence, Conflict and Development programme but can decide to follow the Palestine Pathway upon arrival by choosing the combination of modules required for this pathway.

We welcome applications from those who have worked in a broad field of development and/or conflict, but also from students without relevant work experience who can demonstrate a strong interest in, and understanding of, development issues in Palestine.

Students taking the Palestine Pathway will develop a specialist understanding of Development Studies in the context of Palestine. Development and conflict issues in Palestine are a major focus of NGO and international organisations that work in the Middle East. SOAS' recognised strengths in this area, including the establishment of the Centre for Palestine Studies, makes this a unique and exciting opportunity for those interested in Palestine.


Students must take 180 credits comprised of 120 taught credits (including core and option modules) and a 60 credit dissertation.

Applicants apply for and will be formally enrolled in, the MSc Violence, Conflict and Development programme. Students wishing to follow the Palestine Studies Pathway will take two core modules ‘Political Economy of Violence, Conflict and Development’, and EITHER ‘Political Economy of Development’ OR ‘Theory, Policy and Practice of Development’, two modules specific to Palestine and a dissertation (which must be written on a Palestine-related topic). In addition, students have a choice of option modules.

If the above combination of core modules has been successfully completed, students may request that the following specialism appears on their final degree transcript: 'MSc Violence, Conflict and Development with special reference to Palestine'.

Please note that not all option modules may run every year. Modules at other institutions (intercollegiate) are not part of the approved programme structure.

Part-time study

Students can take this programme part-time over 2 or 3 years. Students usually complete their core modules in Year 1 and their option modules and dissertation in subsequent years.

Core Modules

Students take the following THREE core modules:

  • Political economy of violence, conflict and development 15PDSC003 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Critical Perspectives on Palestine Studies I: History and Politics 15PNMH006 (15credits) Term 1
  • Critical Perspectives on Palestine Studies II: Culture and Society 15PNMH007 (15credits) Term 2
  • Dissertation in Development Studies 15PDSC999 (60 credits) Full Year

Optional Core Modules

Students then choose ONE of the following modules:

  • Political Economy of Development 15PDSC002 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Theory, policy and practice of development 15PDSC001 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Anthropology of Development 15PANC090 (30 credits) Full Year

Option Modules in other Departments

Students choose modules to the value of 30 credits from the list below:

China and Inner Asia

  • Understanding Contemporary China 15PCIC002 (30 credits) Full Year

Cultural Literary and Postcolonial Studies

  • Postcolonial Theory and Practice 15PCSC003 (30 credits) Full Year

Development Studies

  • Borders and Development 15PDSH023 (15credits) Term 2
  • Global Commodity Chains, Production Networks and Informal Work 15PDSH024 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Marxist Political Economy and Global Development 15PDSH053 (15credits) Term 2
  • Natural resources, development and change: putting critical analysis into practice 15PDSH031 (15credits) Term 2
  • Neoliberalism, Democracy and Global Development 15PDSH054 (15credits) Term 1
  • Security 15PDSH020 (15credits) Term 1
  • The Working Poor and Development 15PDSH030 (15credits) Term 2
  • Understanding Economic Migration: Theories, Patterns and Policies 15PDSH032 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Water and Development: Conflict and Governance 15PDSH049 (15credits) Term 2

Gender Studies

  • Gender, Armed Conflict and International Law 15PGNH005 (15credits) Term 1
  • Gender in the Middle East (MSc RID) 15PGNH004 (15credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Gender in the Middle East 15PGNH001 (15credits) Term 1
  • Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East 15PGNH012 (15credits) Term 2 - Gender in the Middle East (15PGNH001) is a pre-requisite for this course.
  • Gendering Migration & Diasporas 15PGNH002 (15credits) Term 2


  • Colonial Conquest and Social Change in Southern Africa 15PHIH002 (15credits) Term 1
  • Environmental History of Asia 15PHIH023 15 Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Historical Perspectives on Gender in Africa 15PHIH029 (15credits) Term 1
  • Histories of Ethnicity and Conflict in South East Asia 1 - Making States and Building Nations 15PHIH011 (15credits) Term 1 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Histories of Ethnicity and Conflict in South East Asia 2 - Non-National Perspectives 15PHIH012 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Knowledge and Power in Early Modern China 15PHIH024 (15credits) Term 1
  • Outsiders in Medieval Middle Eastern Societies: Minorities, Social Outcasts and Foreigners 15PHIH006 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Slavery in West Africa in the 19th and 20th Centuries 15PHIH028 (15credits) Term 2
  • Social and Cultural Transformations in Southern Africa Since 1945 15PHIH003 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • The Body and the Making of Colonial Difference in British India 15PHIH033 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Warfare and the Military in Modern Africa 15PHIH046 (15credits) Term 2 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Warfare and the Military in Precolonial Africa 15PHIH047 (15credits) Term 1 Not Running 2017/2018

History of Art and Archaeology

  • Art and Archaeology of the Silk Road 15PARC032 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Arts and Society in sub-Saharan Africa 15PARH052 (15credits) Term 1 Not Running 2016/2017
  • Representing Conflict: A Cross-Cultural and Inter-Disciplinary Approach 15PARH039 (15credits) Term 2

International Studies and Diplomacy

  • International Economics 15PFFC004 (30 credits) Full Year
  • International Relations 1: Foundations of World Politics 15PFFH002 (15credits) Term 1
  • International Relations 2: Contemporary World Politics 15PFFH003 (15credits) Term 2
  • Multinational Enterprises in a Globalising World - Economic and Legal Perspectives 15PFFC019 (30 credits) Full Year


  • Climate Change and Energy Law and Policy 15PLAC154 (30 credits) Full Year
  • EU Law in Global Context 15PLAH051 (15credits) Term 1
  • Human Rights and Islamic Law 15PLAC150 (30 credits) Full Year
  • International Refugee and Migration Law 15PLAH057 (15credits) Term 1
  • Law and Development in Africa 15PLAC160 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Law and Natural Resources 15PLAC126 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Law and Postcolonial Theory 15PLAH050 (15credits) Term 1
  • Law and Society in Southeast Asia 15PLAH049 (15credits) Term 1
  • Law, Environmental and Sustainable Development in a Global Context 15PLAC118 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Law, Human Rights and Peace Building: The Israeli-Palestinian Case 15PLAC133 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Modern Chinese Law and Institutions 15PLAC139 (30 credits) Full Year
  • The Law of Armed Conflict 15PLAH022 (15credits) Term 1
  • Water Law and Development: Conflicts, Governance and Justice 15PLAC177 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Water Law: Justice and Governance 15PLAH044 (15credits) Term 1

Media Studies

  • Communication, Culture and Politics in the Middle East: Theoretical and Analytical Approaches 15PMSC005 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Global Media and Postnational Communication: Theoretical & Contemporary Issues 15PMSC003 (30 credits) Full Year
  • International Political Communication 15PMSH009 (15credits) Term 2
  • Mediated Culture in the Middle East: Politics and Communications 15PMSH003 (15credits) Term 1
  • Studies in Global Digital Cultures 15PMSH029 (15credits) Term 1
  • Studies in Media, Information Communication Technologies and Development 15PMSH019 (15credits) Term 1
  • The Transnational News Environment: Production, Representation and Use 15PMSH006 (15credits) Term 1
  • Theoretical and Contemporary Issues in Media and Cultural Studies 15PMSC002 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Transnational Communities and Diasporic Media: Networking, Connectivity, Identity 15PMSH004 (15credits) Term 2


  • Analytical Approaches to the Global Creative and Cultural Industries 15PMUH023 (15credits) Term 1
  • Ethnicity, Religion and Gender in Middle Eastern Musical cultures 15PMUH024 (15credits) Term 1 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Music in Development 15PMUC034 (15credits) Term 2
  • Music, Nation and Conflict in Jerusalem 15PMUH022 (15credits) Term 1 Not Running 2017/2018
  • Music, Place and Politics in Cuba 15PMUH015 (15credits) Term 1

Near and Middle East Studies

  • Turkey: Continuity and Change 15PNMC377 (30 credits) Full Year

Politics and International Studies

  • Approaches to Comparative Political Thought 15PPOH028 (15credits) Term 1
  • Asian Security 15PPOH027 - Not Running 2017/18
  • China and international politics 15PPOC018 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Comparative International Political Thought 15PPOH021 (15credits) Term 2
  • Comparative politics of the Middle East 15PPOC026 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Foreign Policy Analysis 15PPOH013 (15credits) Term 2
  • Geopolitics and Security in Central Asia and the Caucasus 15PPOH023 (15credits) Term 2
  • Government and politics in Africa 15PPOC205 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Government and politics of modern South Asia 15PPOC003 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Government and politics of modern South East Asia 15PPOC247 (30 credits) Full Year
  • International migration and diaspora politics 15PPOH012 (15credits) Term 1
  • International Politics of Africa 15PPOC009 (30 credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • International politics of East Asia 15PPOC251 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Social Research 15PPOH035 (15credits) Term 2
  • Islamic/Democratic Political Thought 15PPOC255 (30 credits) Full Year Not Running 2017/2018
  • Northeast Asian politics: Japan, Korea and Taiwan 15PPOC253 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Political Thought on the Just Rebellion 15PPOH030 (15credits) Term 2
  • Queer Politics in Asia, Africa and the Middle East 15PGNH007 (15credits) Term 2
  • Security governance 15PPOH015 (15credits) Term 1
  • State and Society in Central Asia and the Caucasus 15PPOH022 (15credits) Term 1
  • State and society in the Chinese political process 15PPOC012 (30 credits) Full Year
  • Violence, justice and the politics of memory 15PPOH019 (15credits) Term 1
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