MSc Research in Public Administration and Organisational Science

Utrecht University

Program Description

MSc Research in Public Administration and Organisational Science

Utrecht University

This challenging two-year programme focuses on key issues of Public Administration and Organisation Theory. The programme offers an in-depth investigation of societal problems and critical challenges faced by organisations in the public domain. You will investigate these challenges, analyse how public organisations deal with each challenge, and begin to form theories about what is required to make policies work.

New challenges for public organisations

New challenges for public governments flow from long-term trends such as globalisation, changing information and communication technologies, climate change, and societal fragmentation caused by migration, individualisation, and cultural pluralisation. Solid research is necessary to understand and properly react to these social transformations.

Public administrators respond to these challenges in a variety of ways: they initiate reforms to make public management less bureaucratic and more accountable, they activate and enable citizens, they help businesses become more competitive while enhancing social responsibility, and they support civil society initiatives to provide voluntary community services. You will analyse how such initiatives help governments cope with the challenges of modernity.

These modern challenges are no longer the sole responsibility of government institutions. Private, semi-private, and privatised organisations are increasingly involved in what were previously considered public tasks. Political decision-making does not only take place in national political arenas, but also at the regional level and in various international arenas, in horizontal networks of social partners, and at the headquarters of large companies and social institutions. Your study of the public domain and the critical issues in that domain will therefore focus on public organisations in the broadest sense of the word.


Through this intensive Master’s programme, you will gain the theoretical knowledge and methodological skills to analyse real-life problems. Our research-intensive programme will also help you understand and analyse the classic questions of Public Administration as they are playing out in new organisational contexts. It will provide you with the tools to identify, analyse, and prescribe effective intervention strategies. Your studies will prepare you for a career as university researcher, policy analyst, or consultant.

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Start date
Sept. 2017
2 years
Full time
1,951 EUR
Start date Sept. 2017
Netherlands Utrecht
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Duration 2 years
Price 1,951 EUR
Statutory fee. Institutional fee: € 15,150 (2014-2015) € 15,330 (2015-2016)