Engineering expertise

Reliability engineering and asset management is a critical field of managerial and technical importance to both the UK and the international industry.

It is estimated that a significant amount of typical yearly plant cost is spent maintaining that plant. Maintenance can make the difference in competitiveness on a global scale. Maintenance managers can make major impacts on their companies' bottom line and often report at board level.

Programme director

Professor Jyoti Sinha, CEng, FIMechE, Programme Director, Head of Dynamics Laboratory

Jyoti Sinha“Our teaching style is unique compared to other postgraduate engineering courses. The units are explained through industrial case studies and our teaching often takes place at plant sites to demonstrate the real world application of theory. The majority of people on this programme are plant maintenance professionals, already working in industry. As a result of this period of study they are able to contribute significantly to their organisation, with students encouraged to focus their dissertation project on real industrial problems from their parent industry. For graduates who choose this programme following their degree, they benefit from sharing the class with professionals with industrial experience and a real awareness of their problems at their workplace.”

Hear from our graduates:

Dr. Karan Thakur, Class of 2009
General Manager, Operations & Public Affairs Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

“The MSc has been incredibly useful to me. It has been an enriching experience both personally and professionally. All health systems are unique with fast-changing demographics, and most are witnessing changes in the way they provide healthcare. This course helped us understand how those changes are occurring in different systems, settings, and countries. The curriculum is well-designed, keeping local contexts in mind but in an international setting. It helped me interact with fellow students from across the world and not only did we learn from each other, we formed lasting friendships.”

Tina W, Class of 2010
Final year Ph.D. student, University of Manchester

“I was looking to study an international degree at a University with an outstanding reputation. I also wanted a course that provided theoretical and methodological knowledge, analytical and leadership skills, management tools and an international network. Did the MSc meet my expectations? Yes! It provided an excellent basis for a career as an analyst for an international healthcare consultancy and for my Ph.D. studies. I really enjoyed it; it offered interesting and highly relevant content in a multicultural environment, which fostered inter-cultural communication and team working skills.”

Dr. Mahgoub Abdelrahim, Class of 2009
Former Executive Director of National Health Insurance Fund Sudan Assistant Professor of Healthcare Management, Institute of Public Administration, Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“As healthcare providers, we are preoccupied with giving the best care we can to our patients. When I was working as a medical doctor in Sudan, my home country, I encountered many challenges that required not only clinical knowledge but also managerial and leadership knowledge and skills. I personally believe that the latter is essential for healthcare professionals, especially given scarce resources and increasing demands. This MSc is one of a kind, suitable for those seeking a career in healthcare and professionals and clinicians working in the field. It provides an opportunity to understand the complexity of healthcare systems by applying theory to practice.”

Study Format

Our blended learning approach combines the very best interactive e-learning with the Manchester Method – the ‘action learning’ approach developed here at The University of Manchester in the 1960s. You will attend four experiential workshops at The University of Manchester’s Middle East Centre, located at the heart of Dubai’s Knowledge Park. At these workshops, you will undertake practical activities in small multinational groups and complete applied leadership challenges that are relevant to your workplace.

Workshop schedule:

September Intake
Workshop 1 (5 days) Nov
Workshop 2 (5 days) April
Workshop 3 (5 days) Nov
Workshop 4 (5 days) April

Programme Themes

Throughout the programme, all teaching and learning are underpinned by four key themes.

Theme 1: International perspectives
While there are clear similarities across global healthcare systems, as an international healthcare leader you will also encounter differences, e.g. culture, governance and variable provisions of public, private and hybrid services. Every unit you study on the MSc in International Healthcare Leadership can be applied internationally and you will explore both global similarities and regional differences.

Theme 2: Creativity and innovation
A key challenge facing healthcare organizations and systems across the globe is balancing cost, quality, and access. This requires creative and innovative leadership, which is central to the MSc in International Healthcare Leadership. You will be provided with the support and guidance needed to start developing your own thoughts and methodology.

Theme 3: Leading through networks
The need to lead through networks, rather than a single-minded focus on leading through-the-line is another consistent trend. Healthcare systems are among the most complex of public services incorporating public, private and hybrid structures. The complexity of clinician/ managerial leadership and the challenges created by differences between primary, secondary and tertiary care add to this. All units on the MSc in International Healthcare Leadership include an emphasis on the challenges of collective leadership.

Theme 4: Putting the patient at the heart
The importance of putting patients at the core of healthcare delivery should always be the main focus, but this is often not the case. This is a key priority in many healthcare systems, whether private or public, across the globe. It’s at the heart of everything you will learn on the MSc in International Healthcare Leadership.

Programme Structure

You will follow a leadership journey that commences with self, progresses through teams and organizations and, ultimately, that considers healthcare in its wider environment.


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Aug 31, 2019
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